Search Engine Optimization E-commerce Store

  E-commerce is the hub of shopping and marketing in this globalized world. When people need a certain product/service, they resort to Google. As they input their query, Google presents the best results. It helps them explore and compare the options to pick the best one, making an informed purchase. As part of the e-commerce […]

Voice Search Optimization

  What is Voice Search Optimization? Voice search optimization has become the next big digital trend. It allows users to voice out their queries instead of typing it in the search bar. All the large-scale websites and eCommerce businesses have already incorporated voice search as a significant feature on their websites. More than 70% of […]

SEO for Old Age Homes

Your Assisted Living Business Needs an Online Presence   How are your potential clients, or their families finding your facility? Are you still relying on print ads and traditional media, hoping that your target audience finds you? Your business needs to be where your clients and their families are looking for you, and they are […]

Title Tag Optimization: A Complete How-to Guide

  Believe it or not, SEO doesn’t just start and end with what keywords you stuff your content with. In fact, it’s something that happens much earlier than that. As far back as the title itself. Title tags are the first things someone will see when type in a search term and end up with […]

How to Improve Search Engine Optimization

  SEO practices, being the source of online traffic, can decide the fate of your website. No matter how good the content, it is all fruitless without  local Calgary SEO Search Engine Optimization. So, if you are struggling to boost your online visibility, the following tips can help you improve it. These practices will allow […]

Important Image SEO Tips You Need to Know

    So, you’ve just made some content for your site. Great. Your next likely step will be to make sure that it’s SEO optimized so you can maximize the number of eyeballs that it can come across, right? But SEO isn’t just done and dusted when you insert the necessary SEO keywords or align […]