Why are both Paid ads and SEO needed for your business?

  As your business enters the digital world, people need to know your brand. Both paid ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help in marketing your brand, products, and services. While paid ads offer quick results, SEO takes time and effort to deliver good results. While paid ads are expensive, you need not spend much […]

How To Determine If SEO Is What Your Business Needs?

    The digital environment follows a faster pace. Your business operating in this environment needs to be innovative, updated, and trending all the time. It is important to know the current market trends, learn about the preferences of your target audience, and stay keen regarding the position and performance of your competitors. At the […]

Want your startup Funded? Dive into the data…

***Special thanks go to Michael Schwartzman who runs his own scraping business, specializing in recovering websites from the Wayback Machine*** I recently came across some startup data from CrunchBase (data complete till Q4 of 2014) which is the most comprehensive online database for startups. Kudos to them for sharing their data. They even have an API that you can use to […]

Nest Video Door Bell VS Ring Video Doorbell

 Nest Video Door Bell VS Ring   https://reviewimo.com/best-wireless-video-doorbell-reviews/  Whenever a new model comes into the market, it is expected to have an edge over the existing range of products in one or many aspects. Similarly, the video doorbell reviews brings in many of the features in its functionality, security, compatibility, and scalability factors. In this […]

Why Using Video Can Improve Conversion on Your Website

The visual appeals of an advertisement can have profound impact on your audiences’ thinking patternwhic is why you need a video production company . You may choose to show it in the form of a product description, promotion or information about the product related features. Most of the audiences using the mobile devices would like […]

Why You Need a GOOD Web Design in 2018

A good web design in 2018 represents the multiple aspects of interaction, engagement, retention, conversion, rating, optimization and ranking. All the other factors are based on these fundamental elements. User experience enhancement and search engine optimization are the two interrelated key elements which have to be given equal importance. Web Design 2018- User Experience Responsive […]