Why Using Video Can Improve Conversion on Your Website

The visual appeals of an advertisement can have profound impact on your audiences’ thinking patternwhic is why you need a video production company . You may choose to show it in the form of a product description, promotion or information about the product related features. Most of the audiences using the mobile devices would like to watch the videos rather than reading through text. It makes them understand the core concept of your presentation quickly and accurately.

Audience Education – Key Marketing Point

Educating your audiences about the product features and functionalities is easier in the form of videos. For this, you need to categorize your presentation into multiple sections. The first section can introduce the basic technical specifications. In the second section you can explain the functional features. In the third section you can explain the safety measures for using/ operating the product.

  • Video Sharing: The numbers of potential audiences who share your video links are more than those who share text and other types of links. It is natural due to the basic human instinct to get attracted to the video content. You can hope to achieve maximum number of shares within the shortest time, if your video is interesting and informational.
  • Trust Factors: Presenting the existing consumer testimonials through videos can help increase the trust factors from the potential audiences. This approach works considerably well, when you use it for local marketing.
  • Technical Specifications: You can show 3-D and 2-D views of your product using the videos. Mark every part with a distinct relevant audio description (along with the part name and number display). It can help the audience relate their needs with the part design of your product. This approach if far better than having an image of the product par diagram and a text explanation.
  • Functional Specifications: Your potential audiences may have more patience to watch the functional tutorials multiple times, rather than reading a text once. When you show a live demo of your product in action, they can compare it with the other similar products and realize how your product is better than the others. In fact they will be able to identify the key benefits of your product accurately.

Search Engine Connectivity – Key Ranking Factors

  • Search Engine Ranking: Search engines have a policy of encouraging quality content for enhancing the user experience. They can easily track your video links and check the content quality using the inbuilt algorithms. Moreover, the number of views and viewer rating will also play an important role in enhancing the search engine ranking of your web design and the website. The ranking can boost further when you link the videos onto the social media and mobile apps.
  • Mobile Device Friendly: The click through rates of your video links and pages are higher than the other forms of links. It is especially more for the mobile device users for example The has used there video to attract mobile traffic . Search engines have the practice of comparing the total number of licks on your website links with the various forms of links. When the video links get more user rating. The search engines index your video links at the top of their tables.  The time spent by the visitors send strong signals to the search engines like Google to place your videos on the high quality listing. This approach will also push the listing of your videos up in the mobile SERP (Search Engine Result pages).

Viewer Retention – key Conversion Factors

  • Enhanced View-Time: Average internet users spend more time watching videos and playing games than reading text (unlike you, while reading this piece of text). If they find the content interesting and appealing, they don’t mind spending more time on them (especially when your videos have 2 or more sessions). The element of curiosity at the end of each session makes them revisit your website video links repeatedly. This process will continue as long they find something new in every upcoming episode which links to the previous ones. Hence, you can expert prolonged audience retention. In the first few sessions, they may watch the videos purely for entertainment. But their need for your product can make them engage with the content in a better way. This is the time when you can introduce links to your product related web pages. They will naturally follow them and land up in your web pages.
  • Viewer Interaction: At the end of each video session, you can get the viewer feedback, review and comments about the content relevance and quality. Here, you need to pay special attention to the negative aspects pointed by them. They tell you a lot about their expectations and the gap with your content. If you are serious about increasing conversions, you will certainly implement the changes and present a better content next time. Gradually you can experience an increase in the positive feedback from those who negated your content earlier. This form of marketing can win over the trust of the viewers from any part of the local and global audiences.
  • Sequential Presentation: it is possible to present the story-line of your content using advanced technologies that appeal. You can sequence the flow of the content according to your audience preferences.
  • Audience Conversion: The conversion of your audiences into actual sales may take time. Meanwhile they show their genuine intention to subscribe to the newsletters, video content and related informational links from your website. Whenever they watch a video, they will certainly add a comment or rate the content. This factor can in turn attract more number of viewers to visit your website, who otherwise may not bother to do so. Their ratio in numbers can slowly but surely increase with time. The probability of audiences getting converted into potential leads is more with videos, compared with the other formats. Once the leads are established, you can offer them more number of free videos to increase the probability of conversion into sales. This is a chain reaction, which will increase your leads and customer base within the shortest span of time.

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