Improve optimization

SEO practices, being the source of online traffic, can decide the fate of your website. No matter how good the content, it is all fruitless without  local Calgary SEO Search Engine Optimization. So, if you are struggling to boost your online visibility, the following tips can help you improve it. These practices will allow you to compete for the top positions in the search results. Let’s get started.

1)    Website Audit

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your website is essential to enhance your visibility. A website audit includes an in-depth analysis and comparison of everything on your platform — the content, the structure, current traffic, website health, functionality, and performance.

The end-report will help you fix the weaknesses and improve the performance by getting rid of data and structural discrepancies.

A complete audit would require professional tools that aren’t easy to access, thereby compelling small businesses to reach out to SEO agencies. These professionals do your work for you and offer effective strategies to fix everything that has been halting your online growth.

2)    Site navigation improvement

The search engine algorithm of Google is designed to provide the best possible results for the users. Having said that, it takes into account the ease of website navigation as well. Simply put, the easier to navigate through your website, the better will be the performance. For this, the experts recommend a three-click architecture, meaning every page should only be three clicks away from the visitors. Any more than that would cause harm to the site’s functionality.

3)    Content Relevancy

Publish only the content which is relevant to your website or business. It is essential because when your website stops being useful to your customers, they will move on to somewhere else.

To keep the content tuned and relevant, target keyword phrases for a single webpage. However, it is rare, but multiple keywords can be ranked for a single page if they are somewhat similar. For instance, it would be easier to rank a page having the keywords “Astronomy Jobs” and “Astronomy careers.” Whereas it would be nearly impossible to rank keywords “Biomedical jobs” and “Astronomy careers” for the same page.

4)    Get Rid of Duplicate Content

Your SERP rating can be negatively affected by the duplicate content on your website. Google’s algorithm prefers uniqueness, therefore, penalize the sites having matching content. Getting rid of it will help you increase your ranking and the quality of your site.

Finding identical phrases isn’t a huge deal because thousands of articles may have already writing on your targeted keyword. Plus, sometimes, there are not many ways you can address a particular fact, causing unwanted plagiarism. But you can always fix this problem yourself by using tools like Copyscape. So, every time you update your blog, make sure you let through this software.

5)    Metadata

It is the information that appears after a query or keyword search is carried out. For instance, the title is a type of metadata responsible for the first impression of your content. Generally speaking, it should be concise, catchy, meaningful, and not more than sixty characters.

Including the keyword in the title is a good tactic to let the search engine find your content easily. It generates relevancy and helps you rank better.

Another metadata that you must not forget is the description that appears below the title. It should be clear and able to convey the main idea of your whole content. Plus, it allows you to attract users to your site.

The AI algorithm of Google automatically detects whether the description is relevant to your topic or not, and changes it accordingly. Moreover, by including the keyword in the description, you can make the content more relevant and attractive to the search engine programs. But remember it should not be more than one hundred and sixty characters.

6)    Optimizing the Website Speed

Customer satisfaction relies hugely on how much time it takes to load a webpage. According to a study, if the site takes more than three seconds to load, you might lose half of your visitors. Google’s algorithm also considers site speed to set the preferences.

To boost speed, you might need to fix some things. Here are a few of them:

  • Image size: Images having high resolution drags the speed down greatly. You should compress them before uploading and remove any unnecessary files.
  • Script Handing: Some CSS and JS files reduces the overall speed of the website. Removing them might help fix the matter. In case you haven’t designed your site yourself, you should consult the person who did.
  • Browser Caching: These are extra resources files, which, when deleted, make your site faster.

7)    Quality Content

No matter how much you invest in your website’s structure, there’s no substitute for good-quality and useful content. Therefore, by consistently uploading well-written content will help you increase the SEO results. It should also help solve users’ problems to keep them revisiting your site.

You can set up a quality blog yourself or hire a professional blog writing service to do the job for you. Either way, it will surely make your platform much more visible.

8)    Use Hyperlinks

External and internal linking is another way to boost SEO. These links help your customer stay on your site and get the most out of the content. Google analysis the interlinking structure and considers it while ranking results.

You can do it yourself or hire an SEO professional to create an interlinking strategy and establish an information hierarchy on your site.

9)    Content Readability

Quality content does not mean big and difficult words. It simply means how much information is conveyed to the user without losing his interest. Therefore, before uploading any blog post, make sure you have checked and fixed the readability through proper software.


By addressing all the factors that impact the search engine results, you can enhance visibility and attract more customers to your site. Every single element that we have discussed above contribute in ranking and competing for your site for higher positions.