Calgary SEO Consultant

Let me guide your business through the online jungle. I can help advise and work out a blueprint of online search engine optimization success for your company. i can also provide end to end SEO services to help you get , more traffic , more leads, and more sales. I help Google trust your business so that it shows up for top rankings for your keywords. My search engine optmization service are designed to get your business growing quickly .


About Me

I bought my first online business from a friend in 2002 and discovered my passion for internet businesses from that. I then started a web design business and realized that in order to make it i had to be ranked! Having spent a lot of time getting my own websites running , reading and attending every search engine optimization conference possible , I realized to best thing I could do is to help other businesses and owner succeed. Hence MRC SEO Consulting , I have a passion for what I do and love to see my clients website succeed. I love to figure out how to analyze , tweak and improve websites and would love have and opportunity to show you that passion. I would love to discuss any project that you have in mind and I am willing to discuss you needs either on the phone or in person. I dont use any high pressure sale tactics or try to BS you! I prefer to use straight forward discussion and provide easy to understand clear answers. Please feel free to call me and we can discuss your project. You can also visit my Calgary SEO Outsourcing process page to see how we work

My Philosophy:

  • A business website should have a brilliant Internet marketing plan that achieves results
  • Your business is unique and therefore has its own unique requirements
  • Using Search Engine Optimization methods that are legitimate will guarantee your online visibility
  • Complete honesty, openness and transparency communication
  • Doing only what is right for the business for long term sustainability
  • Keeping you happy means growing my business

A lot of companies that provide search engine optimization in Calgary cant rank their own sites! ….do think they will do better with yours???
Have a look at my rankings, i put my money where my mouth is!