Why Most Marketing Agencies Are Dying or Dead

Is Your marketing Agency Failing your Business???

Kind of a big claim right? Let me provide you some understanding of what I mean. Marketing agencies’ job is to provide their customers business with exposure to gain customers, leads or business, correct? All the marketing agencies I have searched or talked to provide the typical services, Web Design, Print marketing, Video marketing, Social Media marketing, Billboards, Branding , and some offer online marketing like Calgary SEO .

SEO puts you in the right place at the right time -in Front of customers looking for your product or service”

Most do really nice jobs creating websites, building logos and creating brands, however VERY FEW know anything at all about search engine optimization.  Some claim to do digital marketing and even charge client’s huge amount of money to do it but provide very little to no results at all. Less than 10% of the ones I searched in the top 10 even list search engine optimization as something they offer as a service.  Almost none have a certified Google Adwords or Certified Google Analytics specialist on staff!

Why is this important? Well I am not going to inundate you with stats( see article here on stats) but here are some highlights:

  • Canadian Spend the most time online See the article here
  • 78 per cent of all Canadians own a Smartphone with web browsing capabilities!
  • 57% Canadians do research on a company before doing business
  • Local Searches Lead 50% Of Mobile Visitors To Visit Stores Within One Day
  • 88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations
  • 18% Of Local Mobile Searches Lead To A Sale Within One

So we all know a couple things mobile is super important, having a good website is important, great branding is important, and the most important piece being missed here is BEING FOUND ON GOOGLE IS PRICELESS!  Is your marketing agency getting you on the first page of Google ? Are you in the top 3 ? Are you in the Google map listings ? If you answer no to any of these i highly recommend you pick up the phone and call your Marketing Company and tell them you want to be in the top 3 for your search terms on Google , then ask what are the factors to get to that potions. If they can not answer that with confidence please call me i will willingly explain what you need to know.

Marketing firms these days are still working on the “build it they will come ” mentality and lack the skills and knowledge to get you ranked in Google to increase your business. Its time for you to re-evaluate what your marketing agency is doing for the money you spend and how your dollars can be way more effective. Want more information read some of other posts on  my blog such as Why business needs to look at their digital marketing in 2016 .

Let me provide you a new digital direction in 2020 and drive more business to you right now and into the future. Mike 403-386-7427 MRC SEO Consulting

Search Engine Optimization E-commerce Store


E-commerce is the hub of shopping and marketing in this globalized world. When people need a certain product/service, they resort to Google. As they input their query, Google presents the best results. It helps them explore and compare the options to pick the best one, making an informed purchase.

As part of the e-commerce world, you must realize the importance of appearing on the 1st search engine result page (SERP). Just being on the web is not enough. You need to make sure that you are visible and findable. That’s where SEO for eCommerce comes in!

Here are some useful SEO tips for e-commerce stores to make you rank higher:

1.    Include the Right Keywords

Keywords are still the most important SEO element. However, using the right keywords in a balanced manner is the key. Make sure you do not stuff keywords throughout the content and make it appear unnatural. You should include primary keywords in titles, product descriptions, and headlines, whereas for the rest of the content, focus on LSI keywords.

This makes it easier for a search engine to crawl through and understand your content. Also, it keeps your content valuable and informational.

2.    Ease your Site Navigation

Internet users tend to navigate a website that has an easy and simple structure. Creating easy navigational paths and a simple site architecture makes your website navigable. It is good for customers as well as for the search engine.

When the search engine finds your website easy to navigate, your SEO ranking increases, which makes you appear in top SERPs and, thus, enhance the flow of traffic.

3.    Build a Strong Homepage

The homepage is a significant web page for e-commerce websites. It plays a great role in shaping the impression of internet users. Your homepage should provide an easy way to all your web pages, present what you have to offer and assure great customer support.

Thus, homepage content must be informational and catchy. Include significant keywords, have an SEO title tag, and write down an attractive business description. These little things help build a strong homepage.

4.    Optimize Your Products

Never fail to optimize the products you intend to sell. This is especially significant for seasonal products and newly launched products. Optimizing your products gather large traffic. Focus on the product name. Include it in the SEO title and URL.

This also helps when you get traffic from another source. Your audience is likely to click on the link that includes the product name in the title.

5.    Add Relevant Images and Videos

Images and videos are the most important elements in the digital era. Be it your product page or homepage, images, and videos grab attention. More than half of your traffic comes after images and videos. Almost 70% of people prefer watching a video rather than reading the content to gain the required information.

This way, it helps in better SEO ranking of your e-commerce store.

6.    Include FAQ Pages

FAQ pages are the backbone of e-commerce websites. To make your business value-driven, it is important to answer everything a visitor might have in mind. Include FAQs regarding product features, benefits, and website security policy, shipping, and customer support.

Adding FAQ content results in conversions on a higher rate. As you satisfy your customer and deliver his needs, it results in confident purchase leading to more sales.

Tools such as Answer the Public help you find all the commonly asked questions about a certain keyword.

7.    Get Help from Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are a good SEO practice, as well as add to the credibility of your e-commerce website. Testified reviews enhance customer confidence in your products and services.

Reviews also act as a marketing strategy. If you have good products, make sure you include reviews on your website. Reviews and testimonials allow customers to compare the products. So, you end up making sales one way or another.

8.    Make Your Website Responsive

Mobile friendly is sales friendly. Having a responsive website design is very important. It makes sure that your website is accessible and delivers great performance no matter which device the visitors access it from.

Not having a responsive website can make you lose a lot of traffic. Almost 60% of traffic comes from mobile devices. Today, people prefer buying on their smartphones and tablets as it is easier and faster.

With responsive web design, you are good to welcome traffic from all the kind of devices. However, make sure that your website design is equally easy to navigate on all the devices.

9.    Enhance Page Speed

Slow and steady wins the race? Unfortunately, it does not apply here—only the fastest wins in the eCommerce world. Around 95% of people click on the 1st result they see on the SERP. To make it to position 0 and featured snippet, you require not only related keywords but also faster page speed.

Suppose you appear somewhere on 1st result page, and a user clicks on your website, your website should load in less than 3 seconds. That’s what SEO requires. Nowadays, no one waits for a website to respond as there are thousands of alternatives available.

10.  Utilize Right SEO Tools

SEO tips and strategy work only when you utilize the right SEO tools. Several tools help you find keywords, improve your visibility, and allow good analytics. Some common SEO tools include UberSuggest (helps you find best keywords), Ahrefs (tracks your SEO strategy), ScreamingFrog (finds site problems such as broken links, duplicate content, and absent meta-description) and MOZ (tracks competitors’ progress).

Using these SEO tools rightly helps you adhere to e-commerce SEO requirements!

Final Thoughts

Making your e-commerce store successful is not difficult if you follow the right SEO practices. With the above tips, you are in a good position to shape a practical SEO strategy for your e-commerce website. Follow through, keep a check, and regularly analyze the results. It will make a huge difference in your sales and profits!

7 Effective Headline Writing Tips

According to a study by CopyBlogger, only 20% of people who read your headline will read the rest of the article. So, if you want your posts to perform well, an effective headline is a must.

Fortunately, using a few simple technique, you can write headlines that will generate thousands of visitors.

In this article, you’ll discover seven headline writing techniques that will boost your search traffic, rankings and social shares:

1. Begin With Numbers

Number Headline

Headline containing specific numbers and data perform far better than other types of headlines. According to one study, headlines with number generate 73% more social shares and engagement. This is because list posts are easier to read.

You can use low numbers to illustrate the conciseness of your article. Or you can use high numbers to illustrate the comprehensiveness. Just try not use too high of a number. People might think the article won’t be easy to read.

All kinds of number work well in the headline. But odd number tend to work better. They appear less conventionally packaged. The odd number 7 works best. According to one study, click-through rates increased by 20%, when a headline was tweaked to include the number 7.

When you are writing a headline, don’t type out the number. Use numerical numbers. So, instead of writing “Seven Steps To Start A Blog”, write “7 Steps To Start A Blog”.

2. Highlight Value

Highlight Value

Make the benefit of reading the article clear and direct in the headline. This is why How-to headlines always work well.

The general format is:

How to + Action (do something) + Unique benefit

“How To Fall Asleep No Matter Where You Are” is a good example. Here, “Fall Asleep” is the action. “No Matter Where You Are” is the unique benefits.

Many people don’t add the unique benefits in the headline. This makes for a boring headline. “How To Fall Asleep No Matter Where You Are” is much more interesting than just “How To Fall Asleep”.

People distrust outrageous claims. So make sure your unique benefit is believable.

3. Pique Curiosity

Headlines with question arouse curiosity. It can be effective if you can compose them the right way.

The best question the one that the reader can relate to or would like to see answered.

Ask the question directly to your reader. Don’t just ask:

What’s the best way to generate traffic?

Ask them directly:

Do you know the best way to generate traffic?

Directly asking them often make them seek an answer.

Also never answer the question in the headline. If your reader already knows the answer, they will see no reason to read the article.

4. Stay Away From Positive Superlatives

We always try to be positive in our conversation. But being positive isn’t an effective idea when it comes to headline.

A study by OutBrain found that the average click-through rate on headlines with negative superlatives ( such as “never” or “worst”) was a staggering 63% higher than that of their positive counterparts (such as “always” or “best”).

Headline with positive superlative, in fact, worked worse than headlines with no superlative. They had 29% less click-rate. One reason this happens might be the overuse of positive superlative (such as best, fastest or cheapest) in marketing. People now ignore them.

Negative superlative on the other hand are more unexpected and intriguing. People are more likely to see them as authentic and genuine.

5. Add Adjective & Unique Rationale

The adjective is the part of speech that describes or qualifies a noun or pronoun in a given sentence. Unlike positive superlatives, correctly used adjectives can create interest.

Here are 30 powerful adjectives you can incorporate in your headline:

  • Absolute
  • Advanced
  • Bold
  • Brilliant
  • Brutally Honest
  • Controversial
  • Daring
  • Dazzling
  • Delightful
  • Effortless
  • Enduring
  • Exceptional
  • Eye Opening
  • Fascinating
  • Forgotten
  • Generous
  • Humorous
  • Idiotic
  • Irresistible
  • Magical
  • Obnoxious
  • Painstaking
  • Proven
  • Provocative
  • Refreshing
  • Sensational
  • Spectacular
  • Staggering
  • Thrilling
  • Witty

These adjectives will grab your reader’s interest and intrigue them enough to read your article.

The definition of rationale is: a logical basis for a course of action. Here are some unique rationales you can use that will guarantee a boost in your click-through rate:

  • Tricks
  • Ways
  • Reasons
  • Lessons
  • Secrets
  • Strategies
  • Ideas

6. Use Punctuation

According to a study conducted by Content Marketing Institute, simply adding a hyphen or colon increases headline click-through rate by 9%.

It’s an easy technique to use. Here are some examples:

“An Editor’s Rant: 7 Questions Every Writer Should Be Asking”
“Creating a Brand Identity: 20 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting”

7. Use Proven Formula

How To headlines are used a lot. And they work well. We already mentioned one formula. Here are some other common examples:

How to [Achieve Something Specific]

How to [Achieve Something Specific] and [Do Seemingly Impossible Thing]

How to [Achieve Something Specific] without [objectionable action]

How to [Do Something] like a boss.

How [I/We/Company X] [Achieved Something Specific] in [Time Frame]

There are also some that defy classification but works well:

(The) [Famous Group/Person’s] guide to [Blank]

What [Group or Celebrity] can teach you about (Industry)

[Number] little-known factors that could affect your [Blank]

All you need to know about [Specific Topic]

The [Adjective] Guide to [Specific Topic]

Behind the Scenes of a [Profession/Hobby]

Warning: [Blank]

Why [x] trumps [y]


New content marketing strategies are emerging every day. So it’s very difficult to figure out what works and what doesn’t. But these advice are evergreen. They always work.

After you complete writing a post, write 10-12 headlines. This may sound a lot, but the more you write, the more options you will have to choose from. Some will be terrible. Some will be better. Go with the one that sounds best. If you can’t choose one, share them on social media. Go with the one that gets the most traction.

There are also many online tools that you can use. Inbound Now has an automatic headline idea generator. Sharethrough’s analyzer tells you how engaging your headline is. CoSchedule has a brilliant data-backed tool that will score your headline’s overall quality.

It is true that a great headline can make a difference. But writing a great headline isn’t enough. You need to give equal effort to write better content.

The Top Methods To Grow Your Business Using Facebook Ads


Facebook is the digital giant in the online marketing world; it is where your customers spend their time and utilized properly it can be the perfect place to invest your marketing and advertising budgets. Unfortunately, as with many things in business, it is not as simple as placing an advert on Facebook. You need a strategy to stand out from your competition and ensure you generate a satisfactory return on investment.

The good news is that here at MRC SEO Consulting,  we have developed a strategy that works consistently when it comes to Facebook advertising, and today we are going to provide you with some of our ideas and concepts. If you actively implement these methods, you should notice a significant improvement in your success rate.


Use The Facebook Pixel To Track All Of Your Visitors

Regardless of what anyone will tell you, there is not a marketer on the planet who gets every promotion correct, first time, every time. It is essential to track, test, and evaluate every aspect of your Facebook marketing campaign constantly, and by using the Facebook Pixel, that’s exactly what you can do. Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of your marketing efforts and the visitors to your page, but you can also use the opportunity to build an email list, of people who are interested in your niche. This enables you to send out targeted follow-ups to an ever growing list. Provided you deliver constant value this list can be nurtured into the most valuable asset of your business.

Never Underestimate The Importance Of Graphics

Regardless of the location of your advert, be it Facebook, Google or even email marketing, it is essential to grab the attention of the reader. That after all is the whole point of your advert, and the simple reality is that graphics will always perform better in this regard than text. If you are investing in ads, then do not skimp on the graphics, as research consistently shows that a great graphic will increase your click through rate. Although this report focused on email marketing, it still demonstrates the point that a good graphic increased the response by 42%. That is a hugely significant statistic and one that many marketers fail to take advantage of.

The Text Of Your Ad Needs Careful Thought

While the graphic will hopefully get the attention of the reader, it will be the text that convinces most people to pursue their interest. Many people forget that the point of an advert is to generate interest in their page, rather than be a full on sales pitch. In fact, the less your ad sounds like an ad, the more likely it is to convert. People are naturally wary of the hard sell, so it is critical that you pay close attention to the wording.

Target, Target And Then Target Some More

One of the key benefits of Facebook is the granular level to which an advertiser can go to, to target their audience. This,ofcourse, is only beneficial if you have a picture in your mind of your ideal customer. Take the time to sit down and really work out who your target market is, and then write all of your adverts with that person in mind. Imagine you are sitting in a room talking directly to that person and create your advert that way. Then, once it is written make full use of all of the Facebook features. Visit and experiment with your Ads management panel. You can target location,age, sex, language, interests even political persuasion. This might seem a long and laborious task, but that is exactly why it is worthwhile. Ninety-five percent of your competition will not bother with this, as it is simply too much hard work. That gives you a distinct advantage and will ensure you flourish at your competitor’s expense.

The Placement Of Your Adverts Should Be Dependent On Your End Goal

Many online marketers will tell you that mobile is everything and desktop is nothing in today’s marketplace, but that’s simply not true. Mobile is superb for generating likes, and for anything that is a quick and simple transaction. If you are purely trying to increase the number of likes on your page, then mobile is the far superior method. If on the other hand, you want proper customer interaction, and you are aiming for either signups to your list, or perhaps even a sale, then thedesktop is still king. Hopefully, you are beginning to understand that every little aspect of your advertising plan needs to be considered in minute detail.

Consider Hiring A Professional To Do Things Properly For You

Let’s be realistic here, the reason you are reading this article is to try and improve your online success. Perhaps you are a plumber or an electrician, would you feel confident letting someone change a fuse board having watched a couple of videos on YouTube, or read a couple of articles? Clearly postingFacebook ads doesn’t come with any physical risk, but there is a lot of skill and expertise involved in the process. There is a reason why some of the biggest brands in the world employ the services of an ad agency because the reality is that advertising is a field of expertise in it’sown right. The key to success in any business is to maximize your time performing the tasks that generate you the most income. It may be much more beneficial in the long-term to employ as anexpert to design, develop and implement your Facebook advertising strategy, while you deal with the subsequent orders. Here at MRC SEO Consulting, we implement successful Facebook advertising campaigns on a daily basis. If you do decide to leave it to the experts, then fill in the contact form, and we can get your campaign up and running quickly and efficiently. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will walk you through the process, ensuring that you understand the strategy and keeping you in the loop from start to finish.


The Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for business

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for business

Search engines take the typed information and give the most relevant websites to the users on the basis of the keywords typed in the search box. In other words, if you are not using SEO, then you are letting your competitors get ahead of you. Search engine marketing allows you to get ahead of your competitors and give the much-needed exposure.
Not just established businesses, the small business organization should also invest in search engine optimization. It will provide them with the exposure and attract more visitors on their website.

Here why every business should invest in Search Engine Optimization-

1. Most favorable user experience:
Eventually, SEO practice is all about offering the users with fastest, friendliest, and the best online experience. A search engine works towards providing the users with exactly what they are looking for, and when it does that, both the web page owner and the visitor are happy. Besides, when the visitors leave happy, chances are that they will return to the website.
2. Maximum reach:
People tend to believe search engine results’ unconsciously. If Google has placed a website on the top of the search engine, then it must have earned that spot and must be really good. Then the visitors by word of mouth promote the page on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Just because the search engine organizes everything flawlessly, the website gets the much-needed exposure.

3. Maximum opportunity for conversion:
SEO is a part of online marketing which draws in the potential clients who are looking for the product or service that you are offering. Once they have reached to your website, that means you have gained their attention you don’t have to do anything more. Along with optimization, you have to work hard to provide a quality content to your website so that the visitors can turn into customers.
4. Brand Awareness:
As mentioned above, people trust search engine results unconsciously. If your website ranks on the top, then it is the best. However, they probably won’t run right on your product as soon as they find you, chances are that they will bookmark it or note down the name somewhere. Besides, they will research around before finally deciding on your product or service. So it is important to know that how many times does your company’s name pop up while searching the related keywords. If your website comes 3 out of 5 times, chances are that the visitors will give the priority to you.
5. Better customer insights:
If your website is effectively optimized, it will boost your visibility, credibility, and usability on the search engine and all of these increase the traffic on your website. Once your website is ranking high on the search engine, Google Analytics can help you in tracking the visitors’ information. You can find out the kind of browser they are using, the technology, what keywords they searched, their location, the time when they are most active, the amount of time they spend on the website, etc.


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How Does SEO Work?

How Does online marketing work?


You must have heard a lot of Search Engine Optimization– SEO, but do you know how it works? Basically, it is an easily tracked and repeatable process that informs the search engines that your website is credible and should be shown in the Google index.

Fundamentally, Google applies an algorithm which is nothing but a complex mathematical formula to obtain scores of every website. And on the basis of the searches, Google decides which website should rank higher on the search engine. You can significantly affect your search engine ranking by obtaining the highest result on the basis of the highest authority of the site, quality of the site, etc. Good thing for the companies is that there are more than enough ways that will help them improve their search engine ranking. So, on the whole, if you want to optimize the ranking of your website, you have to get the highest possible rank.

 What Factors Matter for Digital Marketing?


Now some of the ranking areas are more important than other, and there are three main areas that you need to consider to improve the search engine rankings- trust, quality, and authority. When Google evaluates the websites, it looks for that site which is offering something interesting and unique to the searchers. For example, if you are selling a watch and you are using the same description as everyone else then you are not giving anything unique to the visitors. Despite the fact, your watch comes with cool features, your content is same as others, so Google will not be able to identify the uniqueness of your product. You need to create content that makes you stand apart from the crowd, do something extraordinary, something unique. You need to show Google that you are offering something that your competitors aren’t, this way you will get better search results.

Trust = Love!

Trust is another significant area that you need to consider when you are trying to get better Google ranking. Google aims at showing only the best websites to its visitors, so what it wants from you is to show that you are trustworthy. Google also penalizes the websites that have consistently poor reviews as it doesn’t want to show those websites to its visitors. You can show your credibility by getting links from a highly authoritative website, or get industry links, newspaper articles, or get other sites to link to you.

Authority !

And at last another crucial area- authority. Google shows the sites that are famous. It will show the most popular sites of the particular product and services. So it is up to you to convince Google that you are one of the most popular sites. For this, you will need to build a solid fan base. You can do this by building social media network, get people to share your product and services, link people to your site, and leave testimonials. These are some of the ways that you can prove Google that you are authoritative and reliable.

Closing Thought

Local SEO is basically a process of ensuring the search engine that you are one of the most authoritative, trustworthy and unique websites to which the search engine can refer its traffic. Need SEO Calgary or online marketing …let us help

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