How SEO Can Improve Online Flower Business

Calgary Flower delivery

Flower Delivery Calgary  business is closely related to every celebration and festival from your birthday to Christmas. It is also closely connected to corporate meetings, conferences, seminars, and other business events. You can go on increasing the list to infinitum.  Consumers for your flower business come from every family, community, faith, and country. Connecting the online florist business with SEO can increase your ROI and profitability ration significantly and consistently.

SEO basic Benefits for Online Florist Business

Keyword research has to be based on types of flowers, their names, and the services you offer. For example, you can think of roses and bouquets. You can also add the celebration of occasion or festival. Red rose bouquets for Christmas near me could be one such long-tail keyword. Similarly, you can find hundreds of such key phrases with other short-tail keyword combinations.

Audience Reach: Florist SEO can reach the maximum number of target audiences within the shortest time. It is growing at a phenomenal pace after the introduction of Mobile SEO. Local florist shops can get the highest level of publicity and attract buyers regularly.

Website Traffic: search engine optimization ccan boost the geographical proximity to the online searchers. They can find your delivery system to be fast and reliable. It is estimated that more than 90% of the online buyers prefer local stores over others, though they place the orders through their mobile systems.

Geographical proximity plays a key role in motivating the customers to open your website and place an online order. They are sure of getting the delivery within a few hours. The flowers will be fresh and the aroma will be still intact at its best intensity. Your business website can get regular visitor traffic which increases consistently with time.

All the visitors who come to your website may not buy flowers immediately. Many of them may be there just for curiosity. Some of them may find flowers for recommending to their friends and dear ones. Your business site can get the maximum number of potential leads for conversion into probable sales.

Versatile Keywords: MRC SEO Calgary  can boost the selection of multiple keyword permutation and combination. People looking for the same day or next day delivery will find your store to be extremely beneficial. It gives you plenty of opportunities to add new keyword combinations in the long-tail and short-tail formats.

Organic Search: SEO is the most recommended way to increase your store’s online visibility factors. Initially, it may take time for the search engine crawlers to find your website. You can follow the on-page optimization techniques to get your website indexed on them. Then they use the combination of keywords and sitemap indexing to push your website to the top of search result pages.

The main benefit of reaching the top of the organic search result page is that you can stay there longer. The average lifespan of organic top ranking is stated to be much higher when you use the proper SEO techniques. It is an economical way of boosting your website’s search engine ranking.

SEO for Online Florist Shop- Enhanced Customer Trust

Flowers-calgaryHow can SEO boost your customer trust? You need to consider social media SEO to get the right answers. The primary task is to boost your content visibility to the users. Anyone looking for online flower shops will find your content on the first click. It is consistent and frequent.

Repeated visibility of your florist content on the social media can create and enhance customer trust in your business. SEO can highlight the positive aspects your florist services to the customers without the touch of commercial advertisement. It gives a sense of authority content to the readers about your website. It is the most critical component which boosts the customer trust in your online store.


Online Flower Shop SEO – Content Authentication

Search engines like Google are constantly searching for high-quality content in the florist websites. They have a tendency to link your web pages from the authority websites, social media, blogs, and other customer trusted links. When they find such connections, your website ranking automatically goes up.

Search engine ranking is more than increasing the numbers every day. It is about keeping the ranking consistently at the maximum value for a longer time. SEO can help achieve this goal by linking the customer rating, reviews, and testimonials to the ranking engine.

The best way to achieve the goal is to keep your content quality according to the W3C standards. The search engine analyzes the content with respect to some of the most important parameters.

Usefulness: Search engines like Google have adopted the intelligent approach to content analysis. They can check the engaging quality, relevant keyword density, connection between keywords and content, and the smooth flow of grammar in the content. Once they find them to be satisfactory, your website content gets the maximum possible ranking. The search engines will also increase the visibility factors of your website links and content to the maximum number of internet users and online florist shop searchers.

Online Florist Shop SEO – Mobile Users

Search engines like Google have shifted their priority to the top for the mobile users. The mobile platform is the fastest growing segment in the consumer market today. Smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices may soon replace traditional devices when it comes to online flower shops.

SEO can maximize your reach to the consistently increasing number of mobile users. They will find your content (mainly Infographics and videos) to be the most visible aspect in their searches. The probability of content sharing with their friends and online contacts is increasing rapidly.

SEO for Online Florist –Economical and Efficient

SEO is the most economical option for startup and small online flower shops. The investments you make for the optimization and ranking can get you long-term ROI that is consistent. Organic search is the most trusted method of winning more number of audience conversions to business. Initially, it may take time for SEO to become effective. Once it reaches the threshold, your website could become a customer trusted online florist brand.


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Why Most Marketing Agencies Are Dying or Dead

Is Your marketing Agency Failing your Business???

digital marketing


Kind of a big claim right? Let me provide you some understanding of what I mean. Marketing agencies’ job is to provide their customers business with exposure to gain customers, leads or business, correct? All the marketing agencies I have searched or talked to provide the typical services, Web Design, Print marketing, Video marketing, Social Media marketing, Billboards, Branding , and some offer online marketing.

SEO puts you in the right place at the right time -in Front of customers looking for your product or service”

Most do really nice jobs creating websites, building logos and creating brands, however VERY FEW know anything at all about search engine optimization.  Some claim to do digital marketing and even charge client’s huge amount of money to do it but provide very little to no results at all. Less than 10% of the ones I searched in the top 10 even list search engine optimization as something they offer as a service.  Almost none have a certified Google Adwords or Certified Google Analytics specialist on staff!

Why is this important? Well I am not going to inundate you with stats( see article here on stats) but here are some highlights:

  • Canadian Spend the most time online See the article here
  • 78 per cent of all Canadians own a Smartphone with web browsing capabilities!
  • 57% Canadians do research on a company before doing business
  • Local Searches Lead 50% Of Mobile Visitors To Visit Stores Within One Day
  • 88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations
  • 18% Of Local Mobile Searches Lead To A Sale Within One

digital marketing

So we all know a couple things mobile is super important, having a good website is important, great branding is important, and the most important piece being missed here is BEING FOUND ON GOOGLE IS PRICELESS!  Is your marketing agency getting you on the first page of Google ? Are you in the top 3 ? Are you in the Google map listings ? If you answer no to any of these i highly recommend you pick up the phone and call your Marketing Company and tell them you want to be in the top 3 for your search terms on Google , then ask what are the factors to get to that potions. If they can not answer that with confidence please call me i will willingly explain what you need to know.

Marketing firms these days are still working on the “build it they will come ” mentality and lack the skills and knowledge to get you ranked in Google to increase your business. Its time for you to re-evaluate what your marketing agency is doing for the money you spend and how your dollars can be way more effective. Want more information read some of other posts on  my blog such as Why business needs to look at their digital marketing in 2016 .



Let me provide you a new digital direction in 2020 and drive more business to you right now and into the future. Mike 403-386-7427 MRC SEO Consulting Calgary SEO 

Why Frequently Changing Your SEO Provider Is A Bad Idea

SEO is a hot button word for just about any company out there. So much so that it’s become a synonym for growth. At least in the digital age, no one can thrive fully without using SEO to their best advantage.

Companies are willing to get the best of the best when it comes to SEO. That’s why they’re often signing up with companies that can get them there fast. And once you find the right one, it’s often a good idea to stay with them.

You might be wondering what happens when you change your search optimization company. And there’s not good about it. But let’s break down what you’ll expect to see if you decide to go down that path for yourself.

Disadvantages of Changing Your SEO Company

First, let’s get it out of the way. You’re not going to be getting a lot jumping ship with your Calgary SEO company. Not only is it a bad idea for being effective with your SEO, but it can also be much worse than that. In a lot of cases, you can actually end up getting some negative growth too. Here are some of the biggest disadvantages to watch out for.

It Takes More Time and Effort

One of the biggest misconceptions about SEO companies is that they are all providing a 1:1 service. Many companies think subbing out SEO company will bring little to no changes. In truth, changing your SEO company isn’t like just changing your cellphone provider.

It’s more like hiring a contractor to handle some construction and changing them halfway through. You’re bringing in someone new to finish the job that someone else already started. That doesn’t mean the new company can just pick off without any problems.

When a new SEO company works with you, they have to consider the best options. That means having to spend time working with you and see what fits. It also means having to look at what the previous company did in their SEO implementation.

They’ll have to carefully decide whether the previous approach is worth continuing, whether it’s not worth continuing, or whether they have to undo everything and start from scratch. As you can imagine, this already takes up a lot of time and effort. And that’s all before they decide to work on their own strategy for SEO.

In the long run, you end up wasting so much time and effort that you could have otherwise utilized. If you end up sticking to one company, you can better use that time and effort to propel yourself in the rankings.

As a result, you’ll end up in a desirable space much easier and faster than if you decide to switch halfway. That’s kind of trade-off you deal with. And considering that time is of key importance in the SEO world, it’s pretty much a no brainer.

You Lose Out on Rankings

When thinking about SEO, it’s always important to keep your eye on the prize. And the ultimate end goal for any optimization practice is always the results that you get after all is said and done. So, when you don’t even get the results that you were so anxiously hoping for, does it even matter in the end?

Rankings have almost always been about consistency. You have to figure out the best approach, work with it, and continue it as long as it can last. After all, SEO isn’t just a short lifehack to success. It’s a long game. And playing by the rules for as long as possible is what gets you there.

This is where the problem comes with changing your SEO company at the drop of a hat. Whatever SEO rankings that the company built up for you can crumble at a moment’s notice, especially since so many of your competitors will be working to increase their advantage over you.

No doubt there will be a period of stagnation between cutting off ties with your old company and starting with the new one. Before they can even pick up the pace, you’ll be subjected to a period of time where you’re not keeping up with your SEO. Or at least, not keeping up with your SEO using the same approach.

It often doesn’t even matter how low or high your company’s rankings are when you make the switch. It’s almost always logically expected for you to take a dip in terms of your rankings.

That spells disaster for any company out there. But even more so when you talk about something like SEO. If it can give you exponential growth, then it can also give you exponential decline.

You Lose Knowledge About the Business

SEO isn’t just a one size fits all approach that works for everyone out for the box. But that’s not to say that it can’t be made to work for anyone. In fact, that’s fits in line with just what every SEO company does as part of the services it offers.

But making it work for you means having to keep a consolidated amount of knowledge about your business. This can extend to things like what kind of traffic you want to target, what approaches work best for you, the raw numbers that you could achieve before, and much more.

All of that builds up neatly into a business profile that can then be used to drive any further implementations or even keep track of current performance. It’s a valuable resource that you can always fall back on.

What happens when you change companies is the risk of abandoning all that understanding. Or worse, it can change as you enter different approaches and hit different targets. The aspect of consistency and predictability goes out the window. And you will have to start from scratch to build up all that knowledge.

Keep doing it enough, and you essentially have very little to no stability in the source of credible information to maintain such a record. Even if you do have a past record, it becomes very hard to frame it without the right context.

Understanding why the previous company did things a certain way or getting certain results can be a headscratcher in itself. It’s all new work that your new SEO company has to undertake.

Your SEO Knowledge drops

Using SEO without proper knowledge isn’t ideal at all. To build your rankings or your qualified traffic, you need to have a basic functional understanding of SEO and how it works. And a lot of that knowledge comes from past performance and analytics.

Because let’s face it, SEO is a long term game. Anyone that tells you otherwise doesn’t realize how it works. Doing the necessary work means you won’t be seeing the results until weeks or even months afterward.

But once you do see the results, it can be helpful to realize which approaches worked and which didn’t even make a dent. And this is data that can be used to roll over in your next SEO implementation. Each time you do this, you go in with more and more knowledge about what the right course of action should be.

On top of having a good understanding, you also need time to build up that knowledge over time. The longer you do it, the better your chances are. This applies equally to your SEO company.

Up until now, your previous company was able to build a good understanding with you by working over a specific period of time. And it’s not only the successes of your performance that matters here either. The shortfalls are equally as important as part of the understanding that’s needed.

For the SEO company, that knowledge now needs to be relearned all over again. For you, that knowledge hits a pause for a long while. Until you can get back up again, you’re essentially stuck in the dark about where you’re at and what you need to do.

Even once you do start working back at filling your SEO knowledge, there might be a lot of things that have changed since then. As a result, you’ll have to throw out any outdated knowledge.

Your Risk Underperforming with Different Approaches

SEO is all about approach. You could have all the necessary tools at your disposal. But until you have the right approach, it can rarely count for anything. And the problem here is that everyone has a different approach that they end up following.

On its own, that might not sound too bad. But when you apply it to something like changing your SEO company, things start to get dicey. Those approaches will undoubtedly clash and cause a big headache for everyone involved.

Think of it as hiring three different artists to work on the same painting or three writers to write the same book. It doesn’t matter how talented they might be individual. When you have a clash of different styles and approaches, that makes everything a jumbled mess.

The same can be said for SEO., Especially considering that SEO isn’t perpetual at all. Each time Google rolls out an update for Google Ads or tweaks its search algorithm, there’s a change to how the system works, how SEO companies choose as their best approach to dealing with these changes, and the dependence on them.

You’re already head to head with your own competitors in the same space, with each of them using their own different approaches. The last thing you need is to be your own competitor by having an internal conflict with your SEO practices.

Not only does your risk diminishing returns, but you can potentially ruin all your hard work, time, and effort. And if that wasn’t enough, you might end up with results worse than you might have before doing any SEO.

The fact is, the system is already complicated enough as it is. And changing SEO companies make it that much more obtuse. That runs very real risks of possible SEO contamination for your brand.

Benefits of Keeping SEO Companies Long Term

Now that you’ve seen the potentially disastrous effects of changing SEO companies let’s focus on the lighter side. There are also some benefits that you can gain from sticking to the same SEO company apart from just avoiding any particular disadvantages. We’ll be looking at some of these benefits below.

You Keep on Increasing SEO Knowledge Over Time

SEO knowledge is something that goes beyond just understanding the pure basics. It has continued to grow and evolve over time. So, it only makes sense that you should grow and evolve with it. At worst, you’ll stay firm in your current position. At best, you’ll be several paces ahead of where you used to be.

This is far from a novel concept. When you make up a strategy for your SEO, you have to channel in data from the past to help complete the puzzle. Getting an audit for your performances is one of the first steps for long term SEO growth.

As you use your SEO techniques, you build up your results and rely on a reliable source of data. And this can only help your SEO company serve you better. You see, it’s not just about having that data on hand, it’s continually updating it and adding to it.

By keeping your SEO in the long term, you ensure that your data never goes to waste. It can continually be used without there ever being a period of stagnation in between that needs to be ignored or overlooked.

And as the backlog of data gets larger and larger, so does the knowledge that comes with it. SEO companies can keep tweaking and fine-tuning their methods based on your growth cycle and adding failures and successes to the log.

They’ll also be able to give you predictions for future results that are more specific and accurate to you. You open the door for more personalization down the line, and any issues faced in the SEO department can be swiftly ironed out at a moment’s notice. That’s something that counts for a lot for growth factors.

Your SEO Guy Knows Just What Steps to Take

Modern SEO can be a lot different in its current state than it used to be a couple of years ago. Improving ranking can get as complicated as it’s possible in a lot of stages. And while using simple basic practices might yield some results, it’s often necessary to go a bit deeper than that.

It’s safe to say that if you’ve enlisted the help of an SEO firm, then you’re aiming much higher than just what some basic tips or tricks can get you. What you’re looking for is professional experience and understanding that can be channeled to suit your individual SEO needs. And that comes at the cost of time. A lot of it, in fact.

It’s also why it’s almost never recommended to keep jumping from company to company to fulfill your optimization needs. Because realistically, you’re talking about a practice that doesn’t net you results until a month later at the least. And you might need several of these cycles to test different approaches and evaluate the right one.

That’s why you should have a dedicated SEO company for longer periods of time. They’re able to hone in on the specifics of vision and what implementation works better for your use cases. When you have a dedicated SEO guy on your team, he’ll be able to give you more personalized offerings.

Even if you have a rock-solid lead on your ranking numbers, there’ll always be room for improvement. And the longer you spend time with the SEO company, the better they’ll be able to identify key areas where your SEO needs improvement and offer personalized suggestions that apply specifically to you. Having that kind of service can be a blessing, especially for businesses that struggle with getting their SEO in order.

Keeping Track of Analytics is Easier

Analytics is a holistic part of your SEO plan. Without them, you can not go far. With them, you have the potential to exceed your expectations and plan for future growth.

But it’s not only your analytics that matter. It’s also the kind of analytics you get from SEO as a result. Things like user data, crawl errors, and more increase after you hit a good standing on your ranking and traffic hits.

It’s a cycle that staying with your SEO firm helps you navigate. The more you grow, the more analytics your receive, and the more you can grow from those analytics. Your SEO company will able to help you track them and use them for a fast path to greater success.

Your Trust and Credibility is Higher

Trust and credibility are important in the SEO business. It’s something that’s involved in all facets of the industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re an SEO company, someone looking to increase SEO or even a search engine that sets that tone for how SEO plays out. Trust is key.

If you’re going to be doing business with an SEO firm, you need to know if they’re reliable enough to get you the results that you need. There are plenty of horror stories around for companies that offer high promising goals with vague wording and under deliver on their promises.

Or worse, they can even affect your SEO in negative ways. All it takes suspicious links back to your site or a bad case of keyword stuffing to end up on the blacklist. And that’s when the search algorithms start trusting you less or remove you from results entirely.

It’s that kind of damage that isn’t just hard to roll back but can be permanent and irreversible in the future. That’s something you never want to have to face.

That’s the kind of thing you can expect if you keep switching companies again and again. You’ll never know if you can trust the next one. It’s almost never worth the risk of tainting your SEO and credibility or possibly even receiving penalties in the system. So why do something that risky for the little payoff?

Keeping with one firm will give you much better chances in the long term. That’s because if you know they have been delivering on their promises so far, then there’s no reason to doubt that they won’t continue to do so in the future. You get to lock down your performance without putting your site in jeopardy. For something like SEO, that counts for a lot.

Your Company Keeps Growing

Optimization is a constant practice. The idea is never just to let yourself go. If there’s room for improvement, then it needs to be acted upon, especially in the fast-moving and evolving space of SEO.

Here’s a simple fact. If you’re thinking about using SEO to get ahead, so are your competitors. Even if you occupy the number one spot, it takes just a brief moment of pause for them to pull in ahead of you.

Many companies and individuals have the smart idea of only enlisting SEO companies when they need them. They then let them go when they get the desired results and wait to decline to enlist someone else. This almost never ends up working in their favor.

SEO isn’t a simple on again off again thing. It’s a perpetual battle and one that you might not win by sitting idly. If you’re not keeping up, someone else is. And they’ll be more than glad to take your spot if you just let them.

This is why you need the support of a tried and tested SEO firm that contributes to your growth. Keeping with the same firm guarantees you those benefits over a sustainable period of time. Because at the end of the day, if all you wanted to be cheap momentary growth, it would probably be easier just to drop some money on Google ads.

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Search Engine Optimization E-commerce Store


E-commerce is the hub of shopping and marketing in this globalized world. When people need a certain product/service, they resort to Google. As they input their query, Google presents the best results. It helps them explore and compare the options to pick the best one, making an informed purchase.

As part of the e-commerce world, you must realize the importance of appearing on the 1st search engine result page (SERP). Just being on the web is not enough. You need to make sure that you are visible and findable. That’s where SEO for eCommerce comes in!

Here are some useful SEO tips for e-commerce stores to make you rank higher:

1.    Include the Right Keywords

Keywords are still the most important SEO element. However, using the right keywords in a balanced manner is the key. Make sure you do not stuff keywords throughout the content and make it appear unnatural. You should include primary keywords in titles, product descriptions, and headlines, whereas for the rest of the content, focus on LSI keywords.

This makes it easier for a search engine to crawl through and understand your content. Also, it keeps your content valuable and informational.

2.    Ease your Site Navigation

Internet users tend to navigate a website that has an easy and simple structure. Creating easy navigational paths and a simple site architecture makes your website navigable. It is good for customers as well as for the search engine.

When the search engine finds your website easy to navigate, your SEO ranking increases, which makes you appear in top SERPs and, thus, enhance the flow of traffic.

3.    Build a Strong Homepage

The homepage is a significant web page for e-commerce websites. It plays a great role in shaping the impression of internet users. Your homepage should provide an easy way to all your web pages, present what you have to offer and assure great customer support.

Thus, homepage content must be informational and catchy. Include significant keywords, have an SEO title tag, and write down an attractive business description. These little things help build a strong homepage.

4.    Optimize Your Products

Never fail to optimize the products you intend to sell. This is especially significant for seasonal products and newly launched products. Optimizing your products gather large traffic. Focus on the product name. Include it in the SEO title and URL.

This also helps when you get traffic from another source. Your audience is likely to click on the link that includes the product name in the title.

5.    Add Relevant Images and Videos

Images and videos are the most important elements in the digital era. Be it your product page or homepage, images, and videos grab attention. More than half of your traffic comes after images and videos. Almost 70% of people prefer watching a video rather than reading the content to gain the required information.

This way, it helps in better SEO ranking of your e-commerce store.

6.    Include FAQ Pages

FAQ pages are the backbone of e-commerce websites. To make your business value-driven, it is important to answer everything a visitor might have in mind. Include FAQs regarding product features, benefits, and website security policy, shipping, and customer support.

Adding FAQ content results in conversions on a higher rate. As you satisfy your customer and deliver his needs, it results in confident purchase leading to more sales.

Tools such as Answer the Public help you find all the commonly asked questions about a certain keyword.

7.    Get Help from Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are a good SEO practice, as well as add to the credibility of your e-commerce website. Testified reviews enhance customer confidence in your products and services.

Reviews also act as a marketing strategy. If you have good products, make sure you include reviews on your website. Reviews and testimonials allow customers to compare the products. So, you end up making sales one way or another.

8.    Make Your Website Responsive

Mobile friendly is sales friendly. Having a responsive website design is very important. It makes sure that your website is accessible and delivers great performance no matter which device the visitors access it from.

Not having a responsive website can make you lose a lot of traffic. Almost 60% of traffic comes from mobile devices. Today, people prefer buying on their smartphones and tablets as it is easier and faster.

With responsive web design, you are good to welcome traffic from all the kind of devices. However, make sure that your website design is equally easy to navigate on all the devices.

9.    Enhance Page Speed

Slow and steady wins the race? Unfortunately, it does not apply here—only the fastest wins in the eCommerce world. Around 95% of people click on the 1st result they see on the SERP. To make it to position 0 and featured snippet, you require not only related keywords but also faster page speed.

Suppose you appear somewhere on 1st result page, and a user clicks on your website, your website should load in less than 3 seconds. That’s what SEO requires. Nowadays, no one waits for a website to respond as there are thousands of alternatives available.

10.  Utilize Right SEO Tools

SEO tips and strategy work only when you utilize the right SEO tools. Several tools help you find keywords, improve your visibility, and allow good analytics. Some common SEO tools include UberSuggest (helps you find best keywords), Ahrefs (tracks your SEO strategy), ScreamingFrog (finds site problems such as broken links, duplicate content, and absent meta-description) and MOZ (tracks competitors’ progress).

Using these SEO tools rightly helps you adhere to e-commerce SEO requirements!

Final Thoughts

Making your e-commerce store successful is not difficult if you follow the right SEO practices. With the above tips, you are in a good position to shape a practical SEO strategy for your e-commerce website. Follow through, keep a check, and regularly analyze the results. It will make a huge difference in your sales and profits!

Voice Search Optimization


What is Voice Search Optimization?

Voice search optimization has become the next big digital trend. It allows users to voice out their queries instead of typing it in the search bar.

All the large-scale websites and eCommerce businesses have already incorporated voice search as a significant feature on their websites. More than 70% of people prefer voice search over typing in their queries. What has made voice search poplar is its multi-tasking nature and the instant response it delivers.

Adding voice search can play a great role in improving your website’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). However, you will have to pay attention to voice search optimization requirements.

Changes Your Website Needs

To ensure that your website is voice-search optimized, here are the 6 big changes you will need to make:

1.    Reshape Your Keyword Strategy

Now that you are not only focusing on keywords for typed queries but also for voice search, you need to reshape your keyword strategy. Creating valuable content with all the significant keywords and long-tail keywords is always going to remain top SEO practice.

When people type, they are more likely to include keywords such as “best pest control service.” However, when people use voice search, they ask a complete question rather than speaking a phrase – “What is the best pest control service near me”?

Therefore, it is important to shape your keyword strategy so that your content includes all kinds of questions for your targeted keywords. That’s how you are going to end up in featured snippets.

Also, it is important to note here that when it comes to voice search optimization, only 1st rank or position 0 websites are to deliver the response. So even if you stand at 2nd or anywhere on the 1st SERP, it will be of no use. Only the best one wins!

This makes focusing on keyword strategy way more important than you are considering. There are several tools, such as Answer the Public, to help you do the job. It returns you with all the commonly asked questions related to a certain keyword.

2.    Enhance Site Structure and Add FAQ Pages

Structuring your site means putting up valuable content structurally. You must map your questions at various points throughout the content. It makes the customer journey useful and makes you available at any point the customer needs.

Here’s the most recognized pattern in the customer journey:

  • Knowing why a certain product is needed, E.g., how can pest control services help?
  • Knowing if a certain product can deliver to specific needs. E.g., can pest control services take care of black moles?
  • Getting the best options. E.g., which is the best pest control service in LA?
  • Finding how much a product/service costs. E.g., how much is pest control service going to cost?

When content is organized in this manner, it largely improves the site structure.

Also, adding the FAQ page is the best way to include all the potential questions related to keywords. It helps with search engine optimization in a great way.

3.    Optimize for Local SEO

People use voice search for local queries mostly. For instance, where can I find the best coffee in NYC? Which is the best coffee shop near me?

This makes it important to make your website optimized for local SEO. Based on your location, you will make it to the top 3 results when you answer a local user’s voice query. Here, being in the top 3 matters because when it comes to business information, Google refers to SEO 3-pack. This way, one of the top 3 listings makes it to the user’s answer.

Also, make sure your website includes all the business information to make you the best result.

4.    Implement Structured Data

As mentioned, voice search only returns the position 0 sites as a result. This makes it kind of a hit or miss. There’s no third option. So what can help you hit most of the time is implementing structured data. It is highly significant in SEO as Google will be easily able to crawl in when you have a proper sitemap.

Now, what is structured data? It is an HTML code that allows the search engine to better navigation and understanding of your data. Using schema markup largely helps in implementing structured data.

5.    Optimize Your Page Speed

Page speed is another crucial change you need to make if your website does not respond in less than 3 seconds. Page speed is a critical factor that determines whether your page will show up in voice search results.

As people use voice search for instant answers, they are not likely to wait. This makes page speed optimization an important element that needs high priority. What you need to do first is to analyze the current speed of your site using PageSpeed Insights. Then, figure out what’s hindering the speed and fix that up.

6.    Optimize for Mobile Search

Where do most of the voice queries come from? Mobile devices, yes!

Siri presents top results as the user conducts a voice query. For that very purpose, you need to optimize your website for mobile search. It plays a great role in voice search optimization.

How to make your website mobile friendly? Responsive website design. Making your website mobile-friendly makes it voice friendly. People looking for information on mobile devices only navigate mobile-friendly websites. Responsive websites enhance user experience and ensure user satisfaction. This way, you will not lose your leads and chances of conversions.

Final Thoughts

By now, you must have a good idea that voice search is going to be the dominant way for search queries. It can shape search marketing in the coming days. To make your website voice search optimized, you need to take all the important steps.

The changes mentioned above and overall good SEO practices will ensure that your website is ready to catch all the voice traffic!

SEO for Old Age Homes

Your Assisted Living Business Needs an Online Presence


How are your potential clients, or their families finding your facility? Are you still relying on print ads and traditional media, hoping that your target audience finds you? Your business needs to be where your clients and their families are looking for you, and they are looking online. Having a strong online presence is an absolute must in this competitive space. We specialize in assisted living online marketing and can help you rise above your competition.


Assisted living facilities are no longer limited to serving only clients that are local to them. The reality is that families move their loved ones all over the country, and world in some cases. When you get help from the experts in seniors assisted living marketing, you take away the geographical limitations of print and other traditional media. No matter if you run a live-in facility, or are an in-home care provider, we can help you achieve the online presence needed for prospective clients to find you, no matter where they are.


Families will be counting on your assisted living business to provide them with up-to-date information about how assisted living communities work, and what can be expected for their loved ones. And your website, if properly presented, can be the gateway to many conversations about how your assisted living business can help those who need it most.


How Search Engine Optimization Can Help Your Assisted Living Business Grow


Assisted living businesses may take for granted that they will draw most of their clients from the local regions in which they operate. Our experience has shown that clients can come from anywhere, but only if they can find you. Your website needs to be easily found in the search results. People need to be able to find your business. We can help optimize your site so that you can be found for the terms your prospective clients are using in search.


Finding customers, or rather, making it so that clients can find you, is about much more than just throwing up a website. You don’t want your assisted living services to get lost in the vastness of the online world.


Setting up your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means that your target audience will be able to find you. We can help you build your site for both local, and national search terms, maximizing the number of potential clients who will see it.


Even if your assisted living business will only focus on serving local clients, your website needs to be able to attract those clients and their families. Using a hyperlocal approach, your business can stand out when those local searches are conducted. Don’t assume that clients will find you just because you are the only assisted living facility around. Allowing a professional to set up your Search Engine Optimization ensures you will be able to be found by your clients and their families. We can help you identify what is important to your clients and what keywords people are using to find facilities just like yours.


Customers are expecting to see the best assisted living businesses listed on the first page of a Google, Bing or Yahoo search. Most people don’t even click on the second page of an internet search because the expectation is that the first page results hold all of the pertinent information.


We’ll Help With All Areas of Assisted Living Online Marketing


Building your online presence doesn’t stop once you have a well-optimized website up. Search, and social media platforms also offer various forms of paid advertising, that can be extremely targeted to those who are looking for businesses just like yours.


Digital marketing for assisted living businesses can include making use of services such as Google Adwords, using pay-per-click advertisements, developing a social media content strategy, as well as an ongoing strategy to manage your assisted living business’ reputation.


Just because you aren’t interested in taking on a social media marketing strategy doesn’t mean you don’t need one. Even if you are the only assisted living business in your area, you can quickly lose clients to businesses outside of your area because their business was more easily found online. It is critical to your business’ reputation that you have a social presence as well. People like to see what is happening in their community and it is important that you build trust amongst your community members and prospective clients with social media.


We’ll Show You How to Put Your Client’s Families at Ease


By having a stable and strategic online presence, proper Search Engine Optimization setup, and an active social media marketing process, your clients and their families will be able to find you. People trust consistency and stability in marketing campaigns. If you are not consistent in your message across your website and social media, you could be losing opportunities to grow.


Working with our digital marketing experts and reputation experts, your assisted living business can thrive by serving the right customer, in the right place, at the right time.


Having a team of professionals behind your assisted living business gives your credibility and lends to the professionalism of your business.


You Need Up-to-date Content for Your Website


One of the most important things that an assisted living business can do is develop and stick to their messaging. It is important to determine what kind of client you want to help, what kind of families you want to help, and what area you want to serve. Once you know your ideal client, you can begin writing content for your client and their families. Assisted living is a two-sided market: your assisted living business needs to serve the person who needs to live in the facility, and your assisted living business needs to help the families of the clients.


By producing content that speaks to both sides of that market, your assisted living business can thrive through credibility and stability in messaging. A digital marketing expert can help you determine that message and create a plan for sharing that messaging across multiple platforms.


We’ll Help you Create Relevant Information


Assisted living businesses are growing all over the nation. With an aging population, the need for more assisted living businesses is only going to increase. It is estimated that by 2030, there will be at least 70 million people over the age of 65 who may need help living their day-to-day lives. It will be vital to the success of your business to stand out from the massive amount of competition.


Working with our experts, you can craft a content strategy and have a plan to put out well written and useful information. It is likely that you will be marketing to the families of those who need the services of an assisted living facility, so your primary messaging should be directed toward those responsible for making decisions about the living arrangements of family members. It all boils down to trust and credibility.


Let us help you position your assisted living business in a way that helps you achieve your business goals and reach the most people possible. We’ll work closely with you and your staff to determine what your strategies should be, what your Search Engine Optimization plan should look like, and what your content should include. Don’t get lost on page two of an internet search. We’ll help you get found by people who need your services.

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