How to Find A Good Consultant?


For a business owner or a marketing executive, the process of finding and choosing an SEO consultant holds great importance. As they are responsible for managing, implementing, and planning the organization’s SEO strategy. Also, they provide a variety of services, including keyword strategy implementation, web analytics, web marketing, link building, and content strategy planning. Hiring an individual who’s unfit for the position can create chaos. If you do not want your business to be on the verge of collapse, then hire a competent person who can help expand the boundaries of your online presence.

How to Find A Good  Consultant?

You would have to put extra effort into getting yourself a competent individual. Here are a few ways in which you can search for the best consultant out there.

1)     Ask for Recommendations

If you have been in the industry for a while, then you must already have a trustworthy professional connection with other companies and clients. Use their experience to find a good fit for the job. Moreover, you can send out public messages to reach out to people in your inner circle. You can also send some private messages to renowned names in the industry for their recommendations. The companies would recommend reliable SEO consultants that have already worked with them.

2)     Check Out the Online Listings

There are a bunch of platforms on the internet where you can reach out to reliable people regarding your cause. Here are a few sites which might help you:

  • Thumbtack
  • com
  • co
  • com

These sites are home to many SEO consultants that can help rebuild and raise your business. The best thing about these sites is that most of the service providers are reputable and reliable. But make sure that you browse the people related to your niche only.

3)     Reviews Can Be A Lifesaver

Wouldn’t it be wise to analyze the reviews regarding the past record of consultants before hiring them? It can give you a quick survey about whether the person is trustworthy enough or not. For instance, the sites that we have mentioned above have listings, and each profile of the consultant has a review section exhibiting its history in the industry.

You can also analyze the types of projects that the consultant has completed throughout the career. It can help you choose a good and suitable option for your business.

4)     Local Meetups and Networking

You might not know, but there are events organized where SEO consultants from different areas come together in the hope of finding clients. You should track down such events to meetup consultants face to face. It would be easier to have an interview and share information. Moreover, at such events, hundreds of consultants will be available. So, finding the best match would be convenient.

5)     Follow SEO Blogs

Countless blogs are lingering on the internet with SEO consultants as their authors. By reviewing those blogs, you can find out the exact traits that you look for in your team members. There are various sites which can help you in this area. For instance, sites like AllTop gives out a list of recently uploaded quality blog posts.

Traits of A Good  Consultant

If you have narrowed down some competent candidates, then the next step is to filter out the least desirable consultants. Here are some traits that your consultant must have:

1)     Understanding of The Traffic

Thousands of websites come into being every week and become dead in no time due to weak SEO strategy. Website traffic is something that defines the success of your website. The greater the number of visitors you have, the better it is for your company.

The consultant you are going to hire should have insight on how to lure enough traffic to your platform. He should have a record of successfully increasing the rate of visitors per month. If it works, you can convert those visitors to paying customers using AdSense.

2)     Clearly Defines Your SEO Goals

The consultant should be able to differentiate between keywords to understand the unique proposition of your company. It would be his job to find out which online areas need improvement. Furthermore, he should give suggestions and strategic plans to make the content more compelling. A good consultant would not which areas most advantageous to put effort into.

3)     Understanding the True Ranking Potential

Hundreds of business set-ups lack link profile authority to rival and rank the top-searched keyword. A good consultant would never hide the facts and explains your true ranking potential in the market. He should give suggestions to move on to the next keyword phrase with less rivalry and help you identify the most suitable and rank-able alternative.

4)     Will Be Honest

The implementation and the emergence of results of SEO strategies take a considerable amount of time. The consultant should always be upfront about everything. He should tell you how long it would take the desired results to appear.

Responsibilities of an

The requirements and responsibility may vary, but here are a few general responsibilities that your consultant must accept to fulfill.

  • Understanding a company’s marketing objectives and goals.
  • Keyword research and comparative analysis.
  • Webpage optimization.
  • Higher google ranking visibility.
  • Keyword mapping.
  • Find out technical SEO problems and resolve them.
  • Comprehensive website audit.
  • Understand SEO industry trends.
  • Have a deep understanding of the website traffic.
  • Online competitive analysis.
  • Effective copywriting skills.
  • Upgrading existing website content.
  • Generate new compelling content ideas.
  • Make effective SEO strategy suggestions.
  • Understanding of content marketing platforms and content management systems.
  • Web development and re-design.
  • Use SEO software and SEO tools professionally.
  • Creating the URL map.
  • Internal linking structure optimization.
  • Website completeness and functionality.
  • Content distribution and social media platform strategy.
  • Online marketing demonstrations.


SEO strategies are a key component to increase your online presence and enhance your business. For that, you would need a consultant to implement those strategies. Through comparative analysis, reviewing the past record, and asking the right questions, you can find a good option.