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There are always methods to how matters can be handled to produce quick results with SEO services and it is often possible to come across consultants that give results that are given by these fast methods too.  But as with any negative steps, it is possible that the quick ways of doing things can result in certain negative aspects as far as ranking of sites are concerned and it is often the better informed of webmasters that would refrain from using these techniques.  Handled in brief is the more common black hat techniques as they happen to be called as laid out below.

Stuffing of keywords:

This is a practice to use more keywords than is necessary in sites and the related works.  What happens with this technique is that the algorithms that search engines use would tend to have a high score for the keyword factor while searching for a subject.  It then would put the particular site at the top of the search results.

The more advanced search engines do look for patterns that there has indeed been an instance of keyword stuffing.  And cases that need penal action are acted upon.  It is more common to disguise the keyword stuffing to the Meta tags that usually form the article write ups and blogs and search engines are alive to this factor and are in the process of taking steps that would bring such instances to the attention of those concerned.

Use of inappropriate keywords:

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In this method, the site uses a lot of keywords that would happen to be inappropriate to the situation or the particular site.  Thus when a search engine comes across a site, it does score rather highly in terms of keywords but for a good part the keywords are not suited to the situation.

This used to be a usual method to driving traffic to sites that was in use some time ago with those that operated in the darker parts of the web.  But the improvements in search engine technology that sort of weeded out the keywords that were irrelevant to the situation at hand have reduced this practice to a fair bit.  In most instances the irrelevant keywords are considered as just an ordinary word than of any particular significance.

Use of hidden text:

Used rampantly in SEO practices to drive up traffic and increase the hits to a site, the text is hidden among the content and mostly would be keywords themselves.  Often when keywords are not easy to integrate to the matter this method is resorted to.   So when a search engine does trawl a site it does get to count the keyword used but a person reading the content would never pick up the words.

It could be said that the practice of hiding text is convenient to have as it provides an easier system to follow to create good compelling websites.  Rarely is the mind needed to be applied to in coming out with a presentable content and at the same time can rank highly with the search results.

Purchasing links or one of mutual exchange:

Links to a website bring on a factor of greater acceptance of the matter handled by the site.  There is a practice of purchasing links or going in for exchange of links.  It is more of a quid pro quid practice that people resort to by providing links to neighboring sites on an exchange basis and that will directly have a bearing on the ranking of each site individually.

With the future looking features of most search engines, it is possible to reduce this aspect to bringing in a positive result by the use of very advanced algorithm that considers the subject matter of the site under study and to determine if the linked sites are indeed relevant to each other.  These steps are possible only with a better understanding of the working of systems and most is introduced with more advanced systems in place too.

The inappropriate use of social media:

People that use groups in the various social media would have come alive to the situations when others would try and promote sites by sending links to people in the very group.  There are instances when the links are sent under the guise of more acceptable sites than what the promoter truly stands for.

This practice was in use much earlier when the groups were in use in Google and Yahoo primarily.  It is just that there has been a change of livery so to speak.  There is a simple method that can be adopted to prevent this or at best curtail this practice.  That is to report the trouble maker links to the system or site administrator.

It is only natural that the increasing use of social media and the ease of communication between people in a group only aid in the further propagation of this type of scams as such.

Cloaking of sites:

In the very common form, cloaking is when sites present a particular version of the site to the visitor but using another version to present to the search engines.  It would so happen that the second version of the sites being presented to the public would be more coherent and more readable than the prior version.

Cloaking is rather an expensive method to improve ranking and it is only resorted to when the results do justify the means.  In a number of cases of ecommerce sites when a potential visitor could mean more business generated, this could be a viable turn of events.

Spinning of content:

Here the content instead of being regenerated or renewed is recreated by using software that can suggest and replace the words in the content bring under consideration.  This is often a very cost effective method that is resorted to when budgets are at a premium.  Most webmasters do not consider this a good option for the feel of the content produced by spinning software that usually stands out for the lack of a smooth flow of words.

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