Use Longtail Keywords to Get Easier Traffic

How using Longtail keywords benefit your Do it yourself SEO

Longtail keywords are perhaps better thought of as a phrase or a short sentence rather than a keyword. Longtail keyword are over three words in length and can even be as much as five.

These keywords give a much more specific search pertaining to the website they are used on, this is because the combination of the words together is less likely to appear elsewhere on the internet. If you think about this in the way in which a code with more characters is harder to crack, so will a combination of words be more specific to that particular website.

Longtail keywords also provide the searcher with much more relevant content for their search. If an individual was to search the keywords “car rental” they may get a car rental service which doesn’t operate in the area they are visiting, if however the same individual was to search “car rental in Iceland” which is a Longtail keyword, they are more or less guaranteed to get what they were looking for.

In this way, the use of Longtail keyword can lead to both an increase in traffic and an increase in revenue.

Your traffic will be increased because it will give you a lower amount of competition for that specific phrase. The competition for the term “car rental” is very high, however the competition for the keywords “car rental” followed by your location is likely to be lower and will drive traffic to you. Your ranking in a search engine is much more likely to be increased if you use search terms which are specific to you.

The traffic you will also drive to your website will be of a much higher quality; this is because the people who have entered that search term want the specific service you provide, that’s why they have entered it into a search engine. These people are much more likely to be pleased with the results of the search and are far more likely to actually want to spend money with you.

Don’t  Obsess about  driving in Traffic
It’s no good for a person to be directed towards your site, only to find what they were presented with when they got there was not what they were expecting. This is just a waste of the potential customers time, your time and a waste of bandwidth. It also makes the internet harder to navigate and may even damage the business prospects of companies who are not in direct competition with you. In other words, nobody benefits. It might leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that your web traffic is up, but that’s all it is, it hasn’t led to a sale or any benefit to your business. All you have done by attracting someone to your site who doesn’t want to be there is successfully annoy someone.

For this reason, Longtail keywords just make the internet a more pleasant place for everyone who uses it. You manage to attract someone to your site who is likely to want to spend money with you. The customer is also happy because they have found what they were looking for in a timely manner.

The key to using Longtail keywords is the exact same principle as any keyword, You should thoroughly research the term first and take into account how much competition these keywords have.

You should not be too obsessed with how many searches that term receives. What you are looking for the most, is searches with a very low competition. If this search term applies directly to your business, these people searching that term and finding you will be far more valuable than using other keywords.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t aim for the term to be well searched, but don’t get too caught up in how many searches the term has received. Concentrate instead on how relevant the search is to the services you offer the customer.

To do this, think of terms that a person may be looking for if they would wish to find your business. In cases where you offer a niche product or service then this may mean that you will find it very easy. It will be very straight forward for you to find terms not often used by other website.

In the case where you offer a common product

For example:

You are a web design company and the internet is obviously not an unusual place to find a web design company.

you will have to put more thought into separating yourself from the competition. What you could do in this case is to think of services you offer which may be more uncommon.

If you specialize in web design for small business, then “web design for small companies” may be a fantastic and relevant search term, with low competition for you.

Adding your location is always a good thing to do, there are many web design companies on the internet, there may not be many in your local area for example “web design companies  in red Deer” as a longtail Keyword .

You may also want to combine services you offer.


For example:

“Web design and SEO”. This term is likely to have far less competition for searches for the individual services alone.

If you are smart, with a little bit of luck and you do your research, you could by chance happen upon a phrase which will massively increase your revenue and even make you head and shoulders above all of your competitors.

To sum it up, Longtail keywords have the potential to bring in more people who actually wanted to find you, if you offer niche services, or services in a specific location, you could benefit from using them a great deal over using traditional terms. What’s more, every extra hit you get on your website is far more likely to translate into increased revenue.