How To Leverage LinkedIn To Grow Your Business In 2016


As a business owner, attracting and making new clients must be one of your top priorities in 2016. You have probably come up with new marketing strategies, or decided to continue using the old ones, but whatever the case, you need to learn how you can leverage LinkedIn to help you take your business to the next level. At the end of the year 2015, 95 percent of companies were using the B2B content. 63 percent of these marketers said that LinkedIn was efficient compared to only 30 percent and 55 percent who were for Facebook and Twitter respectively.

According to Jobvite, LinkedIn has remained to be the top social media recruiting tool with 87 percent of recruiters compared to 55 percent of the Facebook users. Joining LinkedIn is not enough because you require a bit of a strategy so that you reach a significant number of audiences and convert them into leads. To help you achieve that, here are some of the enterprising tips that you can use:

Ensure your profile is 100 percent complete

Statistics show that LinkedIn members who have full profiles receive 46 percent more profile page views than those without or with incomplete ones. With a full profile, potential clients, industry partners and even your employees can contact you quickly. Use relevant keywords that convey what you do clearly, add any awards that you have won and were in line with your business, as well as any testimonials. Remember that the content you post on your account should be in the first person, void of jargon and quite engaging. Finally, ensure that you include a professional photo to increase your credibility. Secure your website and add Linkeind

Build your LinkedIn connections

Your online business requires you to stay connected with others. Focus on connecting with potential clients and most importantly other professionals. These professionals could be other business owners, referral sources or even strategic partners. However, to get useful connections, you must render sure that you also add value to them. When looking for connections, try to target the highly targeted ones, including specific industries and companies that are likely to purchase your products.

Get recommendations from clients

Recommendations can help you win the hearts of potential customers into buying your products or services. The people who visit your profile will most likely want to see if you have any endorsements. The presence or absence of testimonials determines the kind of image those people develop about your brand. Recommendations enhance your professional credibility, and hence the need to request your happy clients to provide testimonials on your LinkedIn. Before you ask the willing customers to endorse you, add in the top skills you want them to recommend you for, arranging them in descending order.

Join an alumni group

An alumni group helps you to reconnect with people who know you better and are willing to assist you in growing your business. The high chances are that such people would be prepared to buy your products or services or, at least, introduce you to others that might do so. The most important thing is that even if they don’t buy whatever you are selling, they give you an opportunity to make new connections.

Share entertaining and useful content

Clients are human beings and get bored easily. Sometimes it’s good to offer them fun and informative content that is related to your business. These may be in the form of blog posts, videos or even articles. This way your readers can learn more about you, and acquire useful knowledge that they probably didn’t have about your products.

Join several LinkedIn groups

You can join as many groups as you want on LinkedIn, but a few of them, say like 10 are quite manageable. Of course, you need to go for those that are in the league of your business so that your discussions will involve only like-minded people. Make sure that you stay active in these groups by sharing and commenting regularly. You will not be surprised to find yourself making new connections because potential clients effortlessly find you through such groups.

Make use of the post feature

The LinkedIn post which is almost similar to a blog post allows you to notify your connections automatically that you have posted something new. Most of your readers, therefore, get a chance to like your posts, share them or even leave a comment. You can easily make a follow up to whoever leaves a comment with a thank you text. Most importantly, this feature allows you to know the number of views, comments and likes your published post has garnered. Visit my Profile : MRC SEO Consulting 

How to Leverage Twitter to grow your Business

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It is an open secret that marketing, just like any other business concepts of companies, is fast shifting to the online social media platform. Today, companies are using social media forums such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to enhance their presence through search engine optimization applications. Twitter is emerging as one of the most popular social media sites, and there are several ways you can leverage it to your advantage to have a high ranking on search engines such as Google.

You should have a Plan:

Leveraging Twitter for businesses will not just entail a tweet here and there for the rest of the day. You need an elaborate plan of action that will involve brand elements, goals and messaging guidelines. It is also important to monitor all your engagements so that you know who talks to you regularly and who you should make more effort reach.

Ensure You are Part of the Conversation:

For your marketing campaign to be successful on Twitter, you should ensure that you are part of the online conversation. You can do this by scheduling sometime in the morning and in the evening to tell people something about your brand and hear what they have to say about it as well. Both good and negative feedback is necessary and will help in improving your product or service.

Follow Opinion Shapers :

Almost everyone is on Twitter, and they range from the ordinary man to the opinion shapers in the society. Such people include authors, keynote speakers, thought leaders, colleagues and so on. By following such people, you will get to know what everyone is talking about and what is important to them and their followers. You should also identify your loyal customers and competitors and see what they are talking about as well.

Twitter Content Should Add Value:

When you are trying to get people to recognize your brand, you should use content with some added value. In this regard, you may use links to short but informative blog posts, videos and so on. That way, people get to know more about your product and services and will have no problem sharing the most interesting content to tweet online. Twitter followers tend to follow interesting people, so if you share quality content, you will get more followers organically. You should also participate in Twitter conversations through comments, replies on blog posts and so on to add value to the ongoing discussions.

Position Yourself as an Expert:

People may have problems along the lines of what your product or service can solve and will voice their concerns on Twitter. Try to answer these questions and attend to the concerns while using the opportunity to explain how your product or service can help their situation. Within no time, people will be looking for you instead of the other way around while referring you to their loved ones who might need your assistance.

Maintain the Same Look and Feel of your Businesses Website:

Since you will be showcasing your brand on Twitter, it is important you keep the same feel and look of your primary website. It will not only make your brand recognizable but will also build consistency across all channels. The profile picture and header are two features of Twitter that will also be helpful in showing more of your brand. You can use your company logo, headshot or the product image to communicate to your loyal and potential clients as well. You should also not miss the opportunity to customize the background for the users who will click on your page in an attempt to know more about your brand. Most businesses have physical locations, and you should not hesitate to include that as well on your profile.

Use of Hashtags:

Hashtags drove conversations, and you should know how to come up with hashtags that will work for you and not against you on Twitter. Hashtags will mostly work when it comes to customer support or service. When you click on a particular hashtag, all the tweets that talked about it will come up, and your will have a range of sentiments about your businesses.The hashtags concept is essential in link building; thus, it is a valuable search engine optimization strategy.

Connect with the Media and Bloggers:

You should also be on the lookout for bloggers and media personalities to reach a wider audience. Do not be shy of following them as they are likely to follow you back. As such, when you launch something new or have something important to share they will pick it up quickly and share it with their audiences. Such people tend to have many other contacts that could be helpful to you as well in having your business, websites or products to have an edge in search engine optimization ranking.


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5 Social Media Platforms You Need to Be Using

If you are a small business and you are trying to get your business website or blog out there on the internet and get found then getting as many authoritative links is what you need. One the easist ways to get great links is setting up social media profiles. Most people automatically think of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Company pages, maybe Pintrest. There are hundreds more out there that are completely awesome for that purpose. Here are the top 10:


  1. – this website allows you to post all the information about you…or in this case about your company, From a description to images and links to all your other web properties like Facebook, Twitter ect . Have a look how i set mine up: MRC SEO Consulting  , notice i have a full description, all my pictures and links to my other sites.
  2. flavorsloogFLAVORS.ME – very simmilar idea as . Again setup all your company information and fill it out completly.
  3. AudioBoom_LogoAudio Boom – Audio boom is audio sharing site that allows you to share all you company information, see ours here  , i use the audio from a you-tube video to upload and then add all the info. it is a great source for a link.
  4. download (1)DIIGO – Diigo is a bookmarking service allowing you to markup your favorite links but it is also a great source of links as you can fill in the profile to get a great link. Same as the others fill in your other properties to get all of you other properties interlinked. Here is MRC SEO consulting 
  5. bloggericonBlogger- this is owned by google and that alone is one the best reasons to signup! Fill in your profile complete – Here is our as an example:

Marketing on LinkedIn

Digital Marketing -LinkedIn

digital marketing


There are a number of different ways to do Digital marketing on  your business online and generate additional leads. With all the various channels and tools it can be difficult to decide which avenue to spend your limited resources and energies on. The value of LinkedIn, however, has proven itself time and time again. Ignoring this often overlooked social network in your lead generation strategy would be a huge mistake. In this article I will talk discuss a number of strategies and techniques to generate leads and market your business on LinkedIn.
Create as Many Connections As Possible
Having connections is a critical step on LinkedIn. Who you are able to message and who you are able to speak with is determined by whether you are connected to the person and if not how many connections away you are from that person. For this reason it is hugely beneficial to maximize the number of connections that you have. The first step of this is to add all of your friends and family that are available on LinkedIn. LinkedIn actually allows for Gmail integration and can determine which of your Gmail contacts are on LinkedIn already. LinkedIn will also use its algorithms to determine who it thinks you might know based on your profile and who your current connections are. Add as many of these individuals as possible.

At this point it is advantageous to begin adding people you might not know. If you think someone looks interesting and is in a similar industry as you don’t be afraid add them as a connection. They will benefit from the relationship just as much as you will.

Completing Your Profile

Having an extensive and complete profile is one of the most important steps to generating work from LinkedIn. The first step of this is simply to fill out all of the fields that LinkedIn recommends. This is however only the start as it is important to convey your story, your target customer base, and you value proposition in your profile. Why should someone choose you over choosing someone else?

Endorse Your Connections

One of the most valuable quality indicators on LinkedIn is endorsements. LinkedIn allows your connections to endorse you for various skills and leave a review of what they think of you in regards to those skills. The key to generating endorsements on LinkedIn is endorsing your connections. This greatly increases the likelihood that they will endorse you in return. It is important to try to give honest and thoughtful endorsements otherwise you may come off as self serving.

Creating Your Own LinkedIn Group

One very powerful tool for LinkedIn marketers is the group function. You can create your own group about a specific niche or business area. For example if you were advertising to lawyers who enjoy technology you could create a group called The Tech Savvy Modern Age Attorneys Group. If a lawyer sees this group, and they consider themselves tech savvy, or they aspire to be tech savvy, they may join. If people see that others who they respected have joined a specific group they will join themselves. It is amazing how many people you can get to join a LinkedIn group simply based on the name of it.

One great advantage of LinkedIn groups is every week you can send a targeted message to all members of the group. It is important to provide value in this email and not simply sell to the list every week. If potential customers begin to view the group as a marketing tactic they will leave. A good rule is for every 4 emails that you send containing valuable information, you can send one email with a sales pitch. If you are able to create a strong group of people on LinkedIn with your target demographic you will be able to generate targeted leads on a consistent basis.

Focus on Optimizing Your Profile For Search

One thing that people don’t necessarily realize about LinkedIn is that it is a very powerful search engine. It is arguably the top search engine for professional in the world. A significant portion of people look to LinkedIn to find a professional for their case or a contractor for their business. For this reason it is vitally important to optimize your LinkedIn profile to show up in the rankings on a consistent basis.

The primary way to optimize your profile for search is to identify valuable keywords and sprinkle them throughout your profile. One strategy that people use is to attempt to determine some of the valuable keywords in the niche without actually attempting to rank in LinkedIn for the most competitive keywords. For example, it may be very difficult to rank in LinkedIn for New York Injury Attorney. It would likely be far easier to rank in LinkedIn for the keyword New York Slip and Fall Solicitor. While you might not get as many profile views with the second keyword option, your likelihood of showing up at all greatly increases.

One great tool for determining longer tail keywords in a given Niche is the Google Adwords keyword Tool. You need to create a Google Adwords Account to use this tool however you do not have to actually pay any money into Adwords to use it. If for example you are targeting accountants type in the word accountant into the keyword suggestion tool. Google will then give you examples of keywords that are similar to the word accountant based on search volume. Once you decide on which keyword you will be targeting please ensure that you use it consistently across your profile.

View Multiple Profiles

Sending cold messages to potential clients in LinkedIn can be effective but can also come off as a bit desperate. LinkedIn however has a system where you can often see individuals that have viewed your profile. You can use this to your advantage by simply viewing a huge amount of profiles of individuals that are in your target demographic. These individuals will then see that you viewed their profile and if they are interested in what they see they will come view your profile as well. At this point you will see that they viewed your profile and that they have an idea of who you are. With this knowledge, you can send LinkedIn emails only to people who have viewed your profile. This strategy will warm up the potential leads and give you a sense of who might be interested in your product or service before your original contact.


8 Things Most People Do Not Know About LinkedIn

8 Things Most People Do Not Know About LinkedIn

social media marketing

These days, you or your profession and business will not seem to exist if you do not have a public profile online. With the popularity of Internet marketing today, it is a very backward step to remain invisible to the online community and to stick with traditional ways of professional networking. Hence, one of the best ways that you can build a good profile in the World Wide Web is through the use of LinkedIn.

What LinkedIn is and How Different it is from Social Networking Sites

With more than 120 million members at the moment all over the world, LinkedIn is now considered the biggest online professional network. It aids users in connecting with other professionals and business people. It can be helpful in gaining knowledge, exchanging ideas, and discovering opportunities for the enhancement of your own profession or business.

If you think that this is just another Facebook, you have to take a closer look. More than the usual social networking sites, LinkedIn enables you to develop a good professional profile and to be able to search for experts and specialists. Furthermore, if you wish to start a new career or to find great opportunities in your field, this is a good way to begin. You will also be able to open up new leads and to find a multitude of potential clients.

What You May Not Know About LinkedIn and How These
Can Help Improve Website Traffic

Even until now, there are still plenty who are not well-versed with LinkedIn and its fantastic features.

Here are the top 8 things that many do not know about LinkedIn but ought to because these can be of great help to improving website traffic in the long run.

1. Remarkable Resume- You can use this site to build a good resume that looks very appealing and professional at the same time. You can always refer employers to this whenever you are applying for a job. This tool can also save you time and effort. You can include your website here so that it can easily be visited by people who view your resume online.

2. Email Profiles- When you are e-mailing a person, you can easily access the LinkedIn profile of the person to give you basic information. You do not have to search high and low for contacts. This plug-in makes it easier for you. You will also be able to invite those who do do not have LinkedIn accounts yet. When you post your website URL to your LinkedIn profile, those who email you or those whom you send messages to can easily access your website. Hence, these opportunities may contribute to your site traffic.

3. Work Projects- You probably were not aware that you could actually set up connections with team members for a project. You can manage and monitor such projects through LinkedIn easily and effectively. Tasks and past communications are easily accessible too with this feature, in order to recall what has been done already and what transpired in previous dialogues.

4. Saving Searches- You can actually save up to three searches in LinkedIn. Whenever your searches turn up with relevant information, you can have it saved. This tool is a powerful one for those who are building networks, looking for potential clients, and searching for employees and employers.

5. SMS Search- In the United States at present, people can easily use their mobile phones via SMS to search for the profiles of different professionals. Even if they do not own smart phones, this is still possible. Hence, it can be really useful especially if you have just recently met a potential business contact or something to that effect.
Because of this feature by LinkedIn, communication is once again much easier. If others search you through their phones, they can easily find your website too and will most likely pay a visit.

6. SEO Optimization- Of course it pays to have an optimized profile when people search for you in Google or online in general. LinkedIn has a special feature that allows you to make use of search engine optimization to make you more “searchable“ and to improve your Google ranking. Since SEO is also a main tool in improving site traffic, integrating it into your LinkedIn profile will be very significant in increasing the traffic not only to your account in LinkedIn but also to your very own website.

7. Video Profile- These days, videos also play a giant role in Internet marketing and in improving the traffic of one`s website. Hence, LinkedIn has decided to include this feature for its members. You should definitely add a relevant video in your profile, showing your strengths and skills or outlining what your business is all about. If you are promoting certain products or services, this is also a great venue to advertise and to encourage visitors to drop by your website.

8. Easy Updates- In order to get quick updates, you can make use of the Google Chrome LinkedIn tool bar. This will help you skip the step of logging in and checking constantly. With such a tool bar, you can instantly share articles, images, and other things with your LinkedIn network. You can also comment on updates of others through this feature. as a result, communication can be faster and more efficient. This is helpful for your website as you can quickly post your blog`s latest entries or share links to your new products and promos.

Certainly, these eight things about LinkedIn that many people do not know about are actually very helpful in building one`s professional profile online and in improving your career and business in the cyberworld. If you wish to really expand your network and be able to reach out to more people around the world, you should seriously study the available features of LinkedIn and make the most of them. In just a short time, you will probably be able to see the wonderful effects of taking part in this professional online community.

LinkedIn is a good way to make your online existence worthwhile. It can help build your image and bring you greater success.

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Marketing with Pinterest

Marketing an online business with Pinterest isn’t particularly difficult, but it might seem that way when you first sign up. Pinterest is a visual social network that is very good for clothing, furniture and similar industries. But, what if you offer a service or do B2B marketing? The truth is that it doesn’t matter what industry your online business belongs to, you can still drive leads and traffic from Pinterest to your website. Follow these simple tips to get a huge boost in traffic.


Internet Marketing


Add Pinterest Badge to Website
Start by adding the Pinterest badge to your website. People love pinning up images, and they do it more often when it is easy. Adding a badge to your website makes it much easier for people to add your images to their board, which will give your images and your website more exposure.

You are effectively turning your guests into a personal marketing army, and this can really boost your traffic.

Don’t Just Pin Yourself
Pinterest is against spam, and many of the users embrace this stance. Businesses that only post their own images aren’t taken to very kindly, and they often don’t get many pins or followers.

To break this curse, don’t be afraid to post up pins that have nothing to do with your business, or pins that promote another user’s board. Follow the 80/20 rule, or only promote your business 20% of the time, and you should do fine on Pinterest.

Add Images to Content
Most online businesses have content in the form of blogs or articles. To make the biggest impact with Pinterest, you need to add images to all of your content. Getting these images can be a little difficult if you make products or services that do not readily lend themselves to pictures, but there are a few things you can do to get images.

You can find good stock photos that work with your industry. You can also take pictures of happy customers, of someone working on your product or service (like an employee writing content if you have a content writing service), or just a picture of your team.

There are many photo opportunities, and you never know which ones can get good exposure. Adding images to your content improves the number of pins you get, and it will lead people directly to your marketing content.

Infographics are huge right now. These are long images that use graphs, images and other visual tools to describe a case study or some type of information. These are kind of like presentations, but all of the slides are stacked on top of each other.

Businesspeople or anyone interested in your industry love infographics. They look sleek, and they are very informative. Make an infographic and post it on both your website and your Pinterest board. These images get a lot of exposure, and they will give you an expert status almost immediately. This leads to a boost in traffic.

If you have a hard time making or hiring someone to make an infographic, then you can make a data chart in a spreadsheet program. Data charts aren’t nearly as good, but they are still effective.

Pin Up eBook Covers
If your business has made a recent case study, report or ebook, then you should pin the cover on Pinterest. These show people exactly what kind of information they can get from your website, and a visually impressive cover can gain a lot of popularity. Not only that, but people who release ebooks are often considered experts in their industry, and people only like buying from experts.

It is usually best to have a professionally designed ebook cover, but you don’t specifically need one. If you are capable of making clean images that clearly detail the title of the ebook and what people will gain from reading it, then this can be good enough to gain extra traffic.

Guest Pin Gallery
Pinterest gives you the ability to make boards that are dedicated to other users. It might seem a little risky to open your account up to user-generated content, but it can really drive extra traffic to your online business.

Wait until you have a few customers that really like your website. Most businesses have at least one or two Pinterest members that pin up many of their images. Make a gallery dedicated to that person’s pins.

It shows that you pay attention to your customers, and this will garner a big response from people buying from you and the person making the pins. It also gives you an opportunity to get more pins under your belt, which can lead to more traffic.

Don’t worry if the user pins up images for other businesses. Just marketing your own business doesn’t work well on Pinterest because other users take this as spam. Displaying some other images will make you appear more open to users.

Run a Contest
This costs a little bit of money, but running a Pinterest contest is a great way to get extra pins and traffic. Setup a contest telling your followers to make images of them using your product or showing their results from your service. Say that the person that gets the most pins from their custom image will win the contest.

The prize doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Just make it s $100 gift card. A Visa or American Express gift card is often the best because this allows the user to buy whatever they want with the gift card.

If you have a good amount of followers, then this can really give you a marketing army for a very cheap price. Many people get hundreds or even thousands of extra pins for just $100, or however much the prize is. This also improves user participation, which is always great for business.

Pinterest is a great way to get leads and traffic. It is easy to create images, regardless of your industry, and you can really get a huge business boost by actively participating on Pinterest. Try it out, and you will see how powerful Pinterest can be.

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