Why Business need to look at their entire digital strategy for 2016



Often I find most businesses simply don’t pay enough attention or devote enough budgets to their digital marketing.  Either they see little or no value or simply don’t understand the value of their online presence. Its time all business take a better look at the online portion of their business and start to not only quantify it but to also take a harder look at its future.  Not every business has the ability devote a huge amount of resources at developing a online strategy, however all businesses big or small need to have a plan!  2016 is the year that any business that wants to thrive or survive in the future needs to take a hard look at this area.

Why Digital Marketing ? Really?

Not every business sell products or services online but if you don’t understand why you need a online presence by now, you are likely way behind or struggling. Here are some stats about online

Brand Stats*

  • 93% of online Canadian consumers have subscribed to a brand email list.
  • 61% of Canadian Facebook users have “liked” at least one brand page.
  • 13% of Canadian Twitter users have followed a brand.


Online stats Canada **

  • 85% of adult (18+) Canadians are now online
  • Over 62% of Canadians over the age of 13 are on various Social Networks
  • Over 50% Canadians are registered to more than one Social Media platform(Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.)

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What does this mean?

Opportunity to leave your competitors behind of course! Opportunity to grow fast, opportunity to grab new customers, future customers and engage your current customers to get more profit! Ultimately it means than in 2016 and beyond you need to refocus efforts on your complete digital properties , this means not just a new website or a paid online advertising but a whole brand new look at what you are doing , how to do it better , how it will help your business.  How to do you accomplish this?


Analyze the entire digital structure

  • Find out what’s broken? What have done that simply failed? Don’t throw It away but learn from the mistakes and think about what didn’t work and why?
  • Figure out what worked? Did you do and online campaign that brought in revenue? A Facebook or blog post that drove interest or business? What ever worked put aside for now and bring it out once you have everything all worked out.
  • What have you not tried? Facebook ads? Paid Google adds? Have you tried search engine marketing? Social media? Digital marketing ? social media marketing?
  • Get your website looked at with fresh eyes and avoid trying to make it look new! Instead focus on the message it offering – does it answer the questions your customers want to know? Does have a call to action? Is it easy to use? Can all your stakeholders use it? can it be updated frequently , IS IT UGLY!!! Does it look unprofessional?? Is it branded appropriately?
  • what other digital properties (such as social media) does the company have , are there some you don’t own but should? Are they consistently branded and all deliver the same message? Do they all provided appropriate information? When was the last time anyone updated them?
  • How much budget are you dedicating to the online portion? Do you need to revisit it or divert resources to it? Assess whether where you are spending money on is working or would it be better served on your web or online advertising.

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Plan the Fix!

  • Setup and team of stakeholders to discuss and plan your online presence. Get all your logins and passwords together; discuss who should write blogs or post on social media. Work on a uniformed message. Figure out who your audience is , what their needs are , how you can help them online.
  • Partner up with a firm who can help bring all of these properties together and setup and ongoing cohesive digital marketing plan together. Someone who can advise on all facets of your plan for digital marketing 2016 as well as implement the plan for you .


A professional marketing firm can setup a full digital plan, implement it and provide you with systems to keep it running well into the future so you can concentrate on growing well beyond 2016.

Let us help with your marketing on online goals for 2016 and let us clean up your digital properties. MRC SEO consulting has all kinds of packages to help your business Grow we are not just a SEO company. Learn More about me!