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Your website is vital to your online presence. It represents your business, so you need to ensure your website conveys your message to your visitors and customers properly. If you’re planning to delve into website design but don’t know where to start, read through our web design tips to create a website that drives fantastic traffic.

Keep Your Homepage Free Of Clutter

Your website’s homepage should communicate core messages. The fewer messages your visitors have to read, the better they’ll be able to evaluate and process your content. When visitors can quickly glance through your page, it’s more likely they will do what you want them to do. For these website design tips to break up your homepage content and make it more presentable and inviting.

  • Add imagery
  • Space out your content
  • Include a call-to-action
  • Keep important content above 

Design With Visual Hierarchy In Mind

Hierarchy is a principle of web design that helps display your content clearly. You’ll be able to direct your visitors or audience to specific page elements in order of priority through the proper use of hierarchy. Some web design elements to help you achieve a solid visual hierarchy. This include

  • Weight and size: Highlight your business logo and name by making them big and more visually prominent. Visitors tend to gravitate towards bold and large titles. 
  • Element placement: Use a suitable layout to attract your visitors. For example, place your logo at the top or position your call-to-action button at the center of the screen. 

Ensure Your Website Is Easy To Navigate

Take your website navigation seriously if you want your users to find what they’re looking for easily. When your site is easy to navigate, you’re significantly improving the user experience at the same time helping search engines index your content: For your website navigation:

  • Link your business logo to the homepage: This saves your visitors some clicks. 
  • Mind your menu: The menu of your website should be easy to find, whether opting for a hamburger menu, classical horizontal menu, or anything else.
  • Work on your website footer: Your website footer is a good place for all your relevant links. This may include your social media icons, shortened version of your menu, or contact information.

Stay Mobile Friendly

Your visitors should be able to access your website on the go, no matter the device they are using. When designing a website, make sure it’s mobile-friendly to keep pace with the mobile world. Try to put yourself in the user’s position and go through your website on a mobile device. Test out every page, button, and user action.

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At Unique Pro Media LLC, we recognize the value of having a good website for your business. We have many Lancaster PA website designers who can help you with your web development needs, whether you’re designing a new website or improving an existing one. Contact us today at 717-465-1808 to request a free consultation.

Website Design Lancaster Pa

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Website Design Lancaster Pa

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