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  • 84% of Canadians are connected to the internet
  • 50% own smart phones – (media rich powerful handheld computers!)
  • there are 2.6 Internet Devices per household (76.18 Million )
  • 2 Out of every 3 log into Either Facebook, Linkend, Or twitter everyday

What does this mean to you? It means you MUST change the way you think and do business if you want not only to succeed but to prosper in 2014 and beyond. It also means you need to either hire an in house digital media specialist or contract a consultant such as my self to help you setup a process for dealing with these realities.

Some More Facts:

  • 50% of smart phone users compare prices in store before purchasing
  • 41% leave your store and buy online
  • 93% of other businesses research other businesses online ( B2B)
  • only 17% of businesses sell online
  • a Whopping 20% of businesses with 10 or more employees have no online presence!
    what does this ? Opportunity for you to GROW your businesses easily with a small amount of capital.

How Can You Grow?

1. Build a Website or online presence

  • build a engaging attractive easy to navigate business website
  • setup social media accounts and learn to use them ( or let us help)
  • if applicable build an E-commerce website and start selling online

2. Drive Customers

  • Post relevant and engaging content to your social media sites
  • Send E-newsletter to current and future customers
  • Buy online ads like Google adwords
  • Invest in SEO to increase web visitors and receive qualified traffic

3. Measure Results

  • Analyze your website traffic through Google analytics
  • Analyze your social media engagement
  • re-design your site to increase traffic

4. Optimize

  • Expand your website
  • improve customer experience through online methods
  • fix any shortcoming identified through your measurement

Calgary MRC SEO internet marketing can help you with all of these 4 steps by either setting up each step and training your staff to take over or to manage any of the individual pieces for you. We have the know how and the experience to drive customers and increase your business. Let us show you how we do it.

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