One of the fastest ways to reach prospects and existing clients with your products or services is by joining a trade show. Trade shows are exhibitions where business owners showcase their services and products to customers from temporary stands.

A good presentation will make you stand out from the crowd. As such, you need a customized booth design that will help you attract more people to your stand, increasing your networking potential, which will ultimately deliver results.

At Salient Design & Exhibits, Inc., we provide unique and impactful trade show displays in Toronto that will effectively represent your business and brand.

Can You Use Trade Booths for All Businesses?

Trade show displays are versatile and can be tailored to represent the needs of any promoter and brand no matter what industry they’re in.

Typically, a combination of materials is used to construct trade booths in order to achieve the exact look that you need. The most popular ones are aluminum, synthetics, and wood; these are ideal for businesses in the organic and agricultural sectors. Some companies also use fabric materials for their booths, which are assembled by blowing air inside to give the structure a unique shape.

What Are Some of The Popular Types of Trade Show Booths?

Many businesses use pop-up displays, which are designed with a frame that pops open. The endcap flap is then attached to the frame, and the booth is ready. These trade show displays are not only easy to assemble but also economical. A pop-up display booth come in a variety of sizes which include the tabletop, 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch versions.

On the other hand, if you need a more elaborate stand, then a custom display is the way to go. Tailored displays don’t have a specific design; instead, they’re built according to on your preferences. Custom display booths are similar to truss displays, which can be redesigned to fit into both small and large spaces. Truss displays are more welcoming to guests because of their open layout design.

If portability is your preference, then banner stands would make an ideal option. They’re lightweight and can be put up in just a few minutes. Some promoters even use them as signage areas to complement their larger booths. That said, banner stands can still be used as independent booths.

Salient Design & Exhibits, Inc. is a reputable dealer of trade show displays in Toronto. We always pay great attention to detail when designing booths. Our pool of talented designers will work closely with you to ensure they make your vision a reality.

Tips for Securing Your Booth in a Trade Show

Since most trade shows experience a lot of human traffic, you should always ensure that there are attendants on-site at any given moment. They can occasionally switch turns to take a break, but should never leave the booth completely unmanned as anything can happen when no one is watching.

Make everyone in your staff understand the part they play in being vigilant to make sure the equipment and booth remain secure.

Customized Trade Booths

We have helped all our clients maximize their trade show presence with custom-designed trade booths that convert potentials into customers. For eye-catching trade show displays in Toronto, get in touch with us today on 877.461.6888.

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