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As the premier Toronto SEO consultants, DIT Digital Marketing can help you find profitable buyer keywords for your website, and we can create professionally-written SEO content for your keywords. SEO starts and ends with keywords, so this is the one thing that you want to get right! Indeed, even if you did nothing else wrong, with good keywords, you will still be able to bring traffic to your site. And with a good sales funnel, you can convert a portion of those leads into new customers.

While there are several ways to monetize a website, the process of SEO is rather consistent. As your company’s personal Toronto SEO consultants, we can help you find keywords for:

  • Blogs
  • E-Commerce Stores
  • Information Websites
  • Service-Based Websites (Painting Contractors, Lawyers, Lawn Care, etc.)
  • PPC Ad Campaigns

Blogs are one of the more common types of websites that we provide SEO consulting for. DIT Digital Marketing has the experience and knowledge to provide the kind of SEO services you need. For example, some blogs monetize their sites by ads, info products, affiliate links, or a combination of these. E-commerce stores can sell a variety of products in a seemingly endless list of niches and industries. Whatever the case; we will do the necessary research to ascertain what we need to know about your business to select the right keywords and create accurate content.

Additionally, we will research your competition, assess and test your marketplace, and find out exactly what your prospective audience/market is actively searching for online. We are the Toronto SEO consultants you can count on!

Toronto SEO Consultants for a New Website

Having a new website is both exciting and overwhelming. You quickly discover just how much is involved with creating a successful website, and you realize, “I’m supposed to learn all of this!?” As an all-around digital marketing firm, DIT Digital Marketing can help with much of these responsibilities. But when it comes to new websites, the SEO strategy is very important, and here’s why: new websites don’t have any domain authority yet! This means that Google doesn’t know your website from diddly-squat! What implications does this have for you?

It typically takes 9 months to a year or a new website to gain some page authority, which means that Google isn’t going to recommend your website or your web pages until it knows that your website is going to provide Google users with a good experience. During the first 9 months to a year, you need to have low-competition buyer keywords. After about a year, when your site gains some DA, you can then begin to target some moderately-difficult keywords.

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DIT Digital Marketing is an A to Z digital marketing firm with Toronto SEO consultants. We can help you design or redesign a website, perform an SEO audit, and help you plan, implement, and manage your SEO tasks. When you need SEO consulting, get help from the source you can trust. Get help from DIT Digital Marketing.

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