Calgary Digital Marketing

Calgary Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the general term used to describe marketing a product, service or company on any digital type medium. This could be Pay Per click platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook , LinkedIn , or search engine optimization. I can help you navigate which of these are best for you and your business.There are many choices to drive leads and customers to your business and some work better than others , some cost more but are more effective.  AdWords may work very well for some businesses but not well for others examples may be a tow truck company where the customer is in need of the service but doesn’t need to do an research to decide , they simply looking for a phone number to call and quick service. Facebook Advertising has low cost per click but wouldn’t work well for that same tow truck company simply because people don’t check Facebook to find a local service.

We can help you decide if you should have a combination of these methods or just stick to one. Search engine optimization is often a long term plan with typical campaigns running 6 months to 24 months , as a result its often a good idea to use one the Pay-Per click platforms to supplement your leads while you wait to get top rankings.  Have a look at some of of our internet marketing packages for more information. Let us help you with your Calgary digital marketing campaigns – See Our Calgary internet marketing packages

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