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If you’re involved in the oil and gas industry, you understand that it’s an extremely competitive space. From earning contracts to finding the best engineers and other work staff, building and sustaining your business can be challenging.  SEO and online marketing for oil companies is no different; you’re competing with others in the industry for valuable real estate in the search engines.

As a Calgary Alberta based company we   specialize in oil and gas industry marketing and have the knowledge, and resources to take your business to the next level. We don’t simply sell a product to help your business; we work in unison with you to develop the strategies you need to be successful.

Why Your Oil and Gas Company Needs  Calgary Search Engine Optimization 

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Business owners often think that simply having a well-designed website is enough to attract the attention they seek from clients and partners. The truth is, the marketing landscape in this industry is a rocky one, filled with tough competition that is employing complete marketing strategies. That is exactly what you get when working with us. We help you develop an online strategy that not only covers your website itself but also marketing in all the channels your clients are coming from online. Having a large online footprint is an absolute must.

There are several ways we can help you develop this footprint, from SEO to paid ad consulting; we offer a full range of strategy oriented services that support your business.

Raising Your Brand’s Visibility

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Nothing in business is as important as brand visibility. When you speak to industry colleagues and potential clients, it’s important that they be able to find you when they look for you. We help you create that brand awareness. From helping you build or optimize your website, to developing online advertising campaigns, we have the gas and oil industry knowledge to not only know where and how your customers are looking for you but also to put your brand in front of them. Everything we do is done with the goal in mind of increasing your online visibility. So, how do we do it?

 Calgary Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the foundation for having your brand be visible in online search. When someone wants to know an answer to a question, to find a service to meet a specific need, or is looking for a job in a specific industry, the first thing they do Is visit a search engine like Google, and attempt to find what they need. When we work with you on your website and online marketing, you will be able to watch the traffic to your business rise, as you rise in the search rankings.

Search engines are looking for websites that deliver authority in relation to the search being conducted, and that authority is what we are able to build into your business. We build your authority by helping you develop industry-related content, and working to earn and build backlinks to that content. Backlinks are the trust signals Google uses to determine the weight of your authority – the higher quality of the backlinks, the more authority you are going to be given.

Online Advertising

In addition to organic search growth, our team of specialists can assist your business in gaining more traction through paid ads. Traditional advertising in newspapers, radio, and television no longer have the impact they once did, and the exorbitant overhead of those types of advertising put them out of reach for all but the few with budgets to be able to sustain advertising at a loss.

Today, paid advertisements are most effective online, utilizing either social platforms, or Pay Per Click ads, also known as PPC. These PPC ads allow us to hone in on your target market, and develop advertising strategies around what they are looking for. Your ads will show only when the people who are looking for you need to see them, and you are only charged when they engage with your ad.

While this all sounds simple, it takes a high level of expertise to develop these campaigns. We can help set your ad campaign up for success right from the start.

Social Media

You may be thinking, why would an oil and gas company need to have a social media presence? The answer is simple, in that Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are some of the heaviest trafficked sites on the internet, and allow you to develop raving fans of your business. Social media give you a place to let people know of your innovations, successes, community involvement, and more. Simply put, you want your business to be everywhere people are, and there is no place online that people frequent more than social media sites.

We can help you craft a social media strategy that communicates the voice and message of your brand. Don’t lose business because of something as simple as not having a dedicated social media presence.

Online Reputation Management

As the old saying goes, you can’t please all the people, all the time. With the internet being an open forum of social media, review sites, and other places that people can have something to say about your business, it’s important to be able to protect your brand. If there are derogatory remarks being made about your company, you must have a strategy in place to mitigate them. That’s where we come in. Whether it’s ongoing protection of your brand utilizing proper marketing practices or helping you defend against a false claim that is circulating online, we can help. Don’t let a single issue ruin your online reputation.

Email Marketing

You need to be able to have a line of contact with both your potential customers, as well as your current ones. You need the ability to directly share news that affects them, and keep your brand in front of their eyes via newsletters and other email communications. We can help you develop an email marketing strategy that drives brand engagement, and results in increased business.

Ready to Take Your Oil and Gas Company to The Next Level?

We completely understand that historically, this industry is built on handshakes and personal relationships, however, as with most industries, it is changing. A focus on digital strategy, and driving customers through various online channels is now a must. You need to be easily found, and once found your brand must give off the right tone and message.

We are the experts in developing effective marketing campaigns in the natural resources industries. We understand the needs, wants, and buying cycles of your prospective clients. We are not simply another online marketing firm. We present an opportunity to partner with industry specific experts who know exactly how to get your brand the exposure you want and need. Give us a call today to get started!

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