What are the Common Mistakes Committed in Edmonton  SEO?




No matter how much startup businesses read about the common mistakes committed when it comes to Edmonton  SEO, there are always those that still make them. These were created in the hopes that people don’t commit them again and at the same time it isn’t going to affect their business. But being ignorant and taking things for granted will only result to things unimaginable. You want to reach an even wider audience, right? You should be careful about how you take care of your website. Every business that is thinking of getting ahead in the industry are to utilize every tool they have ready for them, even if they don’t need to hire professionals for it. If you are going to implement search engine optimization and other internet marketing tools, you should avoid the common mistakes associated with it.

Digital Marketing – Online Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing methods, a lot of website owners utilize the Google keyword tool. However, there are still those that do not take advantage of it. The belief that they are cheating their way in the business is why they think that they should not use it first before they put up their website. But if you take a look at what the Google keyword tool is really useful for, it will provide you an indication of the query searches you should use to find you and your business by incorporating the keywords that are found in the page or article on your website. This will make it easier for the search engines to find your site.

Search Engine Optimization Keywords

Another mistake associated with the keyword tool is how most webmasters are going after the most popular keywords. This is because of the old belief that it will give them more traffic still runs deep and thought to be proven effective. But if you take a look how there are hundreds of websites that use high traffic keywords, you will realize that it will be an impossible feat to do since the competition for it is quite tough. The best idea would be to target keywords with lower competition, longer trail keywords and at the same time ones that are relevant to your site.

On Page SEO

How about your site’s description and title tags? Many webmasters take this for granted, too. It seems that there are sites that focus too much on the keywords that they have forgotten these other two most important aspects of SEO. This is considered by many as the biggest mistake when it comes to search engine optimization. What are the mistakes associated with this? Examples would be having all the pages categorized under the same title; making a title that exceeds 65 characters; and including the name of the website in its title page. The last one is okay to do when it is the home page, but it is not recommended to do that with the rest. Your descriptions should also be unique, at least between 150 to 160 characters long. It should not be stuffed with keywords and should be very enticing to the user.

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