Roofing SEO — What is it?

Improving search engine visibility and web presence to ultimately rank higher in the search results is what roofing SEO is all about. The basic aim here is to generate leads by increasing the number of clicks on the respective search engine. The process involves various elements, including content writing, on-page SEO, link building, and other types of optimizations.

What Roofing SEO Help Your Business to Achieve?

A roofing company can reap two huge benefits from SEO — high Google Search Ranking and Google Map-Pack ranking. According to some stats, more than 70% of clicks or visits are achieved by these aforesaid places. If you follow proper optimization, your brand can rank exceptionally high on both platforms.

1.      Google Search Ranking

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that Google search ranking is an indispensable search engine optimization element. Although a high density of visits is attracted by 3-pack rankings, there is still a strong correlation between the rankings of both the search and map.

Further, the traditional Google search results also prove useful when certain queries such as TPO roofing fail to showcase results on the map. That is why it is essential to rank higher so that you can enjoy map results. Our team, therefore, focuses on targeting not only one or two but several keywords — like roof replacement, roof repair, roof fixes, and more —to help clients widen their range and rank on top.

2.      Google Map-Pack Ranking

Local searches showcase the top three best-ranking businesses in the area on the map, and that is what we aim for. Our goal is to help you qualify for map rankings so that your business can grow by leaps and bounds. We incorporate high-end tools such as BrandREVU for added optimization to your site. This gives you a higher chance of targeting bigger audiences and generating leads faster.

Matching Google’s Latest Standards | SEO in 2021

Google has come a long way from being only keyword-focused to AI-integrated, the search engine has never been this efficient. After the emergence of 2021’s latest update — Google’s Passage Ranking and Google’s Page Experience update — it is essential to meet the new standards for ranking higher. Our team is equipped with the right expertise to evolve with the platform and figure out effective strategies for lead generation and high rankings.  We look forward to helping you realize your dreams and reach unprecedented heights in 2021. 

SEO for Roofing Companies

Business growth is reliant on brand awareness, which demands a strong online presence. You cannot hope to reach out to local consumers without having a proper website. The majority of the consumers learn about businesses online because of which we must strengthen your web presence to improve awareness regarding your goods and services.

Surely, the prospects have other means of learning about your company, but it couldn’t be as fast and effective as online visits. That is where SEO ensures that your page or website is found by the right audience so that they can initiate business with you.

General SEO Vs Roofer SEO

General SEO varies from roofer SEO — the latter targets specific consumers with certain needs. That’s exactly why the process of optimization is carried out with the industry in mind. Our company has masterfully tackled this challenge by incorporating keyword optimization, custom web design, quality content, and Google Maps integration. This helps roofers rule the local search engine by nothing but organic visits only.

How Roofer SEO is Unique?

Although most of the companies function in the local area, many still attempt to widen their reach by competing at the national level. Little do they know that by doing so they are not giving enough attention to their local search community. Dwelling in ignorance, they target board keywords, which takes a good deal of time to rank, probably years — not to mention, such practices also attract irrelevant crowds.

Roofer SEO, on the other hand, involves targeting service-specific and industry-related keywords within the local reach. Not only does it provide potential leads that can convert easily, but also higher ranking. That is why we resort to optimizing GMB profiles, simplifying reviews of the clients, and incorporating citation listings.

SEO Specifics for Roofers

Agreeably, it is a real challenge to market roofing companies. Here are excellent SEO services that can help companies and contractors to reach unimaginable heights. All thanks to our many years of service in the industry that we have acquired a good insight about marketing.

Without a doubt, keywords are essential when it comes to SEO, but overstuffing them within the content isn’t the right way to achieve optimization. Businesses should focus on the quality of the content rather than the number of keywords, which ensures that your work reflects well on the customers. Because of this, our services also include….

Proper Placement of Keywords — Keywords are researched well before placement, followed by an equilibrium in their dispersion.

Image Optimization — Images are renamed and are uploaded according to the content.

Title Tags Titles tags are tweaked as per the keyword requirements.

Meta Descriptions — Complete and concise information is provided through these descriptions with the word limit.

Every element mentioned above should be treated well to effectively optimize websites. And we pay extra attention to each optimization technique to make you rank higher than your rivals. Our objective is to generate as many leads as possible for the clients to accelerate their business growth and expansion. We achieve that by enhancing the client’s search visibility on Google and other search engines, which ultimately allows the business to target bigger audiences. After successful implementation of our SEO strategy, you should just wait and witness your online presence grow stronger.

Lead Generation from SEO

It is a no-brainer that there is a close correlation between online leads and search engine optimization. Introduced in the industry for lead generation, SEO is a great way to improve the lead quality without having to invest much. A properly optimized website can not only find potential leads but also send them down the conversion funnel.

However, the competition in 2021 is fiercer than ever. The majority of the contractors are relying on this marketing type to capture leads, making it more difficult to stand out from the crowded market. It is indeed discouraging, but modern tools such as Google Analytics are a force to be reckoned with. It allows companies to accurately supervise and follow their marketing campaigns, making it easier to keep track of progress.

Through these channels, SEO generates leads:

Local 3 Pack — the list of the highest-ranked business appears on the map results, depending on the geographical location.

Search Results — The results are shown on Google’s first page.

Knowledge Graph — An overview of the company’s profile which is exhibited adjacent to the search results.

Featured Snippets — Text snippets that appear on the topmost part of the search page.

PPC Vs Roofing SEO — Which One Is Better?

Including PPC enhances the quality of optimization. Both techniques attract enough organic clicks, but one thing is for sure; paid results are more visible. If we talk about quality clicks, PPC lacks in this area. Conclusively, both are highly effective at bringing visitors to your channel, but the final decision comes down to the contractors. If you seek the best results, you can combine PPC and SEO, depending on your needs.

SEO Marketing Strategy for Roofing Businesses

Optimization isn’t achieved in a single night, it takes dedication, time, and understanding of the market to pull off a successful SEO marketing strategy. It may take a good deal of time and effort, but the end result is definitely worth it.  The strategy revolves around generating quality clicks as well as making them consistent. High-quality and interesting content is an excellent way to achieve the goals faster.

Moreover, visual appeal is another contributing factor in making your website stand out from the crowd. You would also need a voice on social media platforms to convey your brand message to customers so that they can not only learn but also do business with you.

The following are some important elements for an SEO strategy:

Page Structure — Develop a hierarchy of URLs for making pages, whether child or parent.

Keyword Research — Exploring keywords relevant to the location, services, and location.

Social Media — Enhancing the quality of social media posts for effective marketing.

Site Preparation — Arranging and optimizing elements such as images, meta descriptions, and titles.

If the website has failed to attract traffic and generate clicks and leads, it is best to restart. Inbound links play a critical role in allowing the pages to gain authority, so not getting ranked is harmful to your reputation. Our team excels in building a website of your choice from scratch to enhance brand growth and promote lead generation.

Optimizing Website for Search

Not many companies understand the technical factors involved in ranking you in the search results. You would be surprised to find out that everything from the website design to the back-end infrastructure contributes greatly to search visibility. We understand the significance of every factor and implement an all-round strategy to maximize results.

For instance, microdata that is present on your website notifies the search engine of your page’s niche, type, location, and subject. Each element should be perfectly refined for catching the eyes of the search engine. Other factors such as user experience, site speed, and call to action also contribute hugely to this matter.

Below, we have mentioned some impactful elements for the website design.

Site Speed — websites without lag and easy usability are the most attractive to users.

Calls to Action — These buttons compel users to take action quickly. The abundance of CTA options will increase the chances of lead conversions.

User Experience — What the user experience on your site defines his/her action.

Schema Markup — It allows the page to be easily readable for the search engine by organizing the microdata for the search engine. 

If you are aiming high for the ranking, every element must be taken into consideration. The design of the website is often overlooked because companies usually invest all their effort and energy in the more technical parts. What they don’t realize is that design also plays a critical role in defining your position on the ranking list. Unlike other companies, we channel our attention equally to all aspects of the SEO strategy to improve the results.

Local SEO for Roofers

Even though you are situated in a particular town, it is profitable to provide services to nearby cities. Here the ranking becomes more challenging since you are now combating a bigger crowd of rivals from different service locations. Still, we ensure that you are ranked highest in Google’s Local Map-Pack for maximum profit. As mentioned earlier, we rely on software like BrandREVU to help companies become more prominent than ever, no matter how dense the crowd.

Remember the following factors that regulate local SEO strategies:

  • Ranking in several service areas or cities
  • Google Map-Pack Ranking
  • Software like BrandREVU

Google My Business — A Hub for Local SEO

The listing on Google My Business is critical for local SEO. The listing must include correct NAP information, the URL to your website, and relevant business images. No doubt Map Pack generates a huge chunk of local visits, the organic and traditional search results are still crucial. Our objective is to help you rank high on both local Google search results as well as Google Maps — Talk about being the best of both worlds.

Focused Optimization in Roofing Industry

Needless to say, digital SEO strategies are specific to the industry. Compared to other businesses, roofers encounter several challenges, including the provision of effective online service and living up to the latest trends. Our company makes sure that you are updated as per the latest trends so that you can grow with the ever-evolving advancement in the industry. This also allows you to live up to customer’s latest expectations. We incorporate unique but effective solutions in our strategies to come up with campaigns that really work for roofing companies.