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If you have though about outsourcing but dont wan’t to send your website out to foreign countries like India or the Philippines , why not try a Canadian SEO outsource.I have the skills required to help your business through the process of search engine optimization and with the US dollar being worth 30% more in Canada , now is the time to hire a Calgary SEO Services. Let me help your business succeed online now !

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We go through a 3 step SEO process to ensure your sites rank well and are driving as much qualified traffic to your site. We continually monitor the whole process to ensure everything is going as planned and tweak as necessary. Our 3 step Search Engine Optimization process is:


  • We discuss your needs and help set some goals for your website and online business
  • We want to understand your business as much as possible, in order to help you achieve your goals
  • do keyword research and online search to see what your competitors are doing.
  • Determine the competitiveness of you market and your time frame
  • discuss and pick out best method of delivery and timing of project
  • figure best methods to drive maximum traffic to your site
  • decide whether you may require multiple sources of traffic IE: organic ,Facebook, Adwords, offline
  • Analyze your website to ensure its ready to rank in the top 5!


  • Work with your web master to make necessary change to your website or we help you implement………..
  • setup Google Webmaster tools & Bing Webmaster tools
  • install Google Analytics to measure performance
  • Get a baseline of your current rankings
  • Local business- make sure you are listed on Google Places, and Bing Local
  • Start building necessary high quality links to increase your ranking.
  • If we are setting up Facebook ads or Adwords , optimize


  • Send monthly or biweekly reports of search engine ranking improvements
  • Monitor Google analytics to determine areas of improvement
  • monitor Google and Bing webmaster tools to improve areas of weakness.
  • monitor and report any Pay Per Click campaigns to ensure optimal performance
  • check competitors rankings and links for any changes

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