Why You Need a GOOD Web Design in 2018

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A good web design in 2018 represents the multiple aspects of interaction, engagement, retention, conversion, rating, optimization and ranking. All the other factors are based on these fundamental elements. User experience enhancement and search engine optimization are the two interrelated key elements which have to be given equal importance.

Web Design 2018- User Experience

  • Responsive Design: Web design compatibility for the mobile and PC users is the key element that can attract the visitors and convince them to browse through the pages meticulously. The typical display of a mobile device varies from 1920 X 1080 to 4096 x 2160 pixels. The visitor should be able to read the text, view the images, watch the videos and navigate through the relevant pages without any hassles. Some of the critical elements to distract the user attention are horizontal scroll-bars, lengthy drop-down menu, too many frames and irrelevant content on the landing page. Once you avoid these aspects you can focus on grid based layout, flexible combination of text and images, easy links to subpages, faster page navigation, relevant links to videos (preferably on a separate page to avoid slow loading pages) etc. They encourage the visitors to stay on the web pages and start reading the content. You have achieved the first goal of visitor retention.
  • Content Clarity: The proportional ratio between the text (font size, color, white space etc), images, page back color, grids and related parameters can enhance the user experience considerably. Here you need to follow the W3C standards for the responsive page design. Clarity, visibility, accessibility and readability within the mobile and PC devices can attract and retain more number of visitors regularly. Designing and placing the content around the responsive grid design are predicted to be the key elements of a successful web design. The users should be able to use the magnification feature of the device to read specific paragraphs and view mages clearly. You have achieved the second goal of invoking the reader’s curiosity and interest.
  • Inter-Page Navigation: The inter page navigation of the visitors depend on their personal and product preferences. A well designed sitemap can help them choose the next page they like to visit. Links between sub pages should be clearly visible on every page and relevant to that page. Irrelevant links should be avoided which can distract the visitors from their primary purpose of website visit. Now you have achieved the third goal of directing the visitors through the pages meaningfully.
  • User Interaction: The interactive content layout should be able to convert the visitors into potential leads within a short span of time. They may not buy on their first (or even subsequent) visit. But they may show the interest to fill up an enquiry form, subscribe to a newsletter, leave a comment or click the like button. An efficient web design can increase the probability considerably by integrating these elements on the relevant pages. Now you have achieved the goal of engaging the visitors with your web pages and your brand name.
  • Video Links: The video links (preferably to YouTube Pages) can play an important role in convincing the visitors to explore your products in depth. For example, the product specifications tab /page can contain a tabular data with brief description and a video link to view the product functionality in real time. This layout can convince them about the trustworthiness of your product. Now you have achieved the goal of encouraging your potential leads to re-visit your website. You can expect them to bookmark your page/site links(s) in their browser.
  • Consumer Testimonials: The links to existing consumer testimonials should be within the visible region of the product image or specifications. You can also have an exclusive tab with video links to YouTube. This is the stage where trust starts its consolidation.
  • Buy-Now Links: The product page/tab layout should include the clearly visible “Buy-Now” link. This approach to design can quickly convert the mobile users in 2018 like never before. This is where the visitors eventually get converted into potential buyers.

Web Design 2018 – Search Engine Optimization

The key elements of search engine optimization are the search engine recognition, Hummingbird (search engine algorithm) friendliness, Keyword utilization (in text, images and video links) and W3C compatibility.

  • Image Search: CSS optimization for Image replacement technique using the HTML-5B methods can let you use images in an effective manner. Users searching based on images can find your pages faster than ever before.
  • Voice Search: Optimizing your web pages for voice searches is the trend setter for the year 2018. It can link the voice SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) on the mobile platforms faster than ever before.

Since the number of voice and image searches will be more in 2018, it is mandatory for you to optimize the web design based on these two key parameters.

  • HTML5 Design: The HTML5 coding used in the web design will play a key role in attracting the attention of the search engine crawlers (also known as robots and spiders) in 2018. You need to keep the scripts (like PHP, Java and CSS) and the HTML5 distinctly separate on the page designs. This technique can increase the speed of the crawlers as they detect and browse through your web pages.
  • Search Engine Ranking: Faster detection and browsing can help the crawlers to collect the information about images, page design pattern, words and other details in your web pages easily. Now they can rank your web pages in an efficient manner.
  • Hummingbird Algorithm: The hummingbird algorithm (for page links, number of sub pages, image links, natural language content, user experience (browsing time, bounce rate, ratings etc) and integration of long tailed keywords are the elements that can win over the trust of the search engines in 2018.
  • Knowledge Graph: This technique of enhancing your website design and integrating the pages with the Google Knowledge in 2018. By adding the site attributes like business and marketing details into the search console, you can earn the best credentials of Google.