Nanaimo SEO

Now that’s smart business move! Investing in NANAIMO SEO is your business needs to get to the next level. And we are going to show you why our company offers the best Nanaimo SEO service around. But first, let’s start by checking the huge benefits offered by Search Engine Optimization.

More Clients, More Sales, More Profits

Let’s be clear, if you are here it’s because you want to get more clients, sales and better profits. And Nanaimo SEO can be excellent for this purpose. Because  Nanaimo Search engine optimization will allow your website to rank on the best positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing. We will focus primarily on Google, because this is the search engine that will send more traffic to your website once it’s ranked. We are internet marketing Experts in western Canada . We also know Social media and what is required to rank on search engines. Your web design matters !

Let’s suppose you are a plumber in Nanaimo. Wouldn’t it be awesome to rank on #1 spot for “plumber in Nanaimo” or “hire plumber in Nanaimo”? Of course, because it would bring you the kind of traffic you need: persons who are ready to buy your services or products.

This is why investing in  Nanaimo SEO is a smart move, it makes your website visible to potential clients. Now that you have understood why you need Search Engine Optimization for your business, it’s time to explain what we will if you decide to work with us.

Where The Magic Happens

Every professional internet marketing SEO agency will structure your campaign and break it down in three major points or stages:

  1. First: Keyword Research
  2. Second: On-page Optimization
  3. Third: Off-page Optimization

These three big blocks contain very specific tasks, which we are going to detail in just a second:

Keyword Research: Looking For The Golden Nuggets

Every successful internet marketing SEO campaign needs to have a clear and precise keyword strategy. On this stage, our team with the help of professional tools, will find the golden nuggets your website needs to target online marketing.

It all starts with this stage. Because the information obtained from here is going to be implemented in the On-page and Off-page stage. We will go as far as needed in order to obtain the best keywords for your business website. We are going to find them, make a plan and strategy in order to create a powerful on-page and off-page optimization digital marketing.

On-page Optimization: The Road To Success

Before starting with the off-page stage, we need to optimize your website with the best on-page techniques and strategies. Here we will cover the following tasks:

  1. Implement a powerful and optimized website structure
  2. Strategic interlinking
  3. Strategic implementation of keywords
  4. Optimization of content (text, video, images, etc.)
  5. Make your website faster

And a lot more. These 5 tasks are just an example, because we will go as far as needed, because everything needs to be perfectly-optimized before going ahead. With this on-page optimization, your website will be able to rank for the most profitable keywords for your business.

Off-page Optimization: Reaching The #1 Spot!

Finally here we have off-page optimization. You need backlinks to get to the first page of Google – we should start considering it as a natural law. But the problem is that, getting the RIGHT backlinks, is a lot harder than you think. But you don’t need to worry about it, because our team has the capabilities to bring you the best backlinks any Nanaimo SEO service can offer.

But not only this, because we craft STRATEGIES with these powerful backlinks. This is where our Nanaimo SEO company stands out from the rest. We are going to craft for your website the PERFECT off-page optimization strategy!

It’s Time To Take Action!

Don’t let your competition take advantage over you. It’s time to bring your business website to the 1st page of Google. Contact us and let’s make this happen!