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Instagram Digital Marketing

Instagram Digital Marketing


Since its acquisition by Facebook in 2009, Instagram has exploded. Today, the social website has more than 300 million users who have shared more than 3 billion photographs, with an average of 70 million shared photos on a daily basis. According to Forrester, Instagram users interact with brands better than users of other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Due to this, it becomes crucial that every brand learn Digital marketing Instagram. So how can firms achieve this? Here are a few killer Instagram digital  marketing techniques that will come in handy.

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Strategic bio link

Instagram can be very fun and spontaneous if used for personal use. But if you intend to use your Instagram account as a marketing tool, strategy is important. You can learn from top-tier businesses like Starbucks and Nike who are killing it with Instagram. For starters, these companies plan a lot before posting on the social network. Even if you own a small business, this tip can work for you. Also, remember to include a link to a landing page with similar posts as the ones you have on Instagram. This will allow you to promote products, create leads, gain subscribers for your website and collect entries for giveaways.

Take advantage of trendy hashtags

Instagram now has an Explore feature which allows users to track the most popular and trending hashtags. Always try to include some of the trendiest hashtags that might be relevant to your business. Also, try to make timely posts as this will aid in the discovery of your brand by internet users.

Instagram made it possible to search by emojis. If they make sense to your brand strategy, it’s important to consider how they can deliver information better then copy them and see how you can be used to aid in discovery of your brand.

Mix photos and videos

One of the best killer strategies when it comes to Instagram marketing is to use photos and videos. Videos can generate as much as three times the amount of inbound links that written posts can. This makes videos a valuable marketing tool that can be used to draw in fans, drive traffic and increase the number of your followers. Being in internet marketing, you know that visual storytelling is very effective but with videos, you get to bring that story to life. Videos are fun, engaging and can be shared all over the internet. And considering the fact that Instagram has a tone of video editing tools, you can doctor the videos to something that your followers will love.

Direct followers to your most valuable content

Instagram allows users to post clickable links but doesn’t allow URLs. Fortunately for marketers, they can still utilize the link section of their bios to get around this. While you can simply direct your followers to a fixed page, probably the homepage of your website, it’s best to direct them to your most recent content regardless of whether it’s a promotion, blog post or an article. It’s important to remember to use a URL shortening service to come up with vanity URLs because URLs can be very lengthy.

Partner with Instagram influencers

Like every other marketing niche, Instagram has influencers; people who have thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. These people cover all sorts of verticals including fashion, food, health and fitness, beauty and home décor among others. These people are celebrities in their own right and are great at creating quality content. From giveaways to contests, there are several ways in which Instagram influencers can help you market your brand. Ask the influencer you partner with to tag your brand’s handle in their posts and comments or to include relevant calls to action.

Being active on Instagram is one of the simplest ways to market your brand. With the platform making new changes and updates every now and then, there are more tools on the social media network that can be utilized by businesses. The platform will help you organize information, engage your followers and reach a wider customer base. That’s of course, if you follow the above easy to follow tricks. For instance, incorporating contests into your Instagram marketing strategies is one of the easiest ways to tap into new markets and convert them to customers. Tap into the power of Instagram to realize growth of your brand.

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