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There are a number of different ways to do Digital marketing on  your business online and generate additional leads. With all the various channels and tools it can be difficult to decide which avenue to spend your limited resources and energies on. The value of LinkedIn, however, has proven itself time and time again. Ignoring this often overlooked social network in your lead generation strategy would be a huge mistake. In this article I will talk discuss a number of strategies and techniques to generate leads and market your business on LinkedIn.
Create as Many Connections As Possible
Having connections is a critical step on LinkedIn. Who you are able to message and who you are able to speak with is determined by whether you are connected to the person and if not how many connections away you are from that person. For this reason it is hugely beneficial to maximize the number of connections that you have. The first step of this is to add all of your friends and family that are available on LinkedIn. LinkedIn actually allows for Gmail integration and can determine which of your Gmail contacts are on LinkedIn already. LinkedIn will also use its algorithms to determine who it thinks you might know based on your profile and who your current connections are. Add as many of these individuals as possible.

At this point it is advantageous to begin adding people you might not know. If you think someone looks interesting and is in a similar industry as you don’t be afraid add them as a connection. They will benefit from the relationship just as much as you will.

Completing Your Profile

Having an extensive and complete profile is one of the most important steps to generating work from LinkedIn. The first step of this is simply to fill out all of the fields that LinkedIn recommends. This is however only the start as it is important to convey your story, your target customer base, and you value proposition in your profile. Why should someone choose you over choosing someone else?

Endorse Your Connections

One of the most valuable quality indicators on LinkedIn is endorsements. LinkedIn allows your connections to endorse you for various skills and leave a review of what they think of you in regards to those skills. The key to generating endorsements on LinkedIn is endorsing your connections. This greatly increases the likelihood that they will endorse you in return. It is important to try to give honest and thoughtful endorsements otherwise you may come off as self serving.

Creating Your Own LinkedIn Group

One very powerful tool for LinkedIn marketers is the group function. You can create your own group about a specific niche or business area. For example if you were advertising to lawyers who enjoy technology you could create a group called The Tech Savvy Modern Age Attorneys Group. If a lawyer sees this group, and they consider themselves tech savvy, or they aspire to be tech savvy, they may join. If people see that others who they respected have joined a specific group they will join themselves. It is amazing how many people you can get to join a LinkedIn group simply based on the name of it.

One great advantage of LinkedIn groups is every week you can send a targeted message to all members of the group. It is important to provide value in this email and not simply sell to the list every week. If potential customers begin to view the group as a marketing tactic they will leave. A good rule is for every 4 emails that you send containing valuable information, you can send one email with a sales pitch. If you are able to create a strong group of people on LinkedIn with your target demographic you will be able to generate targeted leads on a consistent basis.

Focus on Optimizing Your Profile For Search

One thing that people don’t necessarily realize about LinkedIn is that it is a very powerful search engine. It is arguably the top search engine for professional in the world. A significant portion of people look to LinkedIn to find a professional for their case or a contractor for their business. For this reason it is vitally important to optimize your LinkedIn profile to show up in the rankings on a consistent basis.

The primary way to optimize your profile for search is to identify valuable keywords and sprinkle them throughout your profile. One strategy that people use is to attempt to determine some of the valuable keywords in the niche without actually attempting to rank in LinkedIn for the most competitive keywords. For example, it may be very difficult to rank in LinkedIn for New York Injury Attorney. It would likely be far easier to rank in LinkedIn for the keyword New York Slip and Fall Solicitor. While you might not get as many profile views with the second keyword option, your likelihood of showing up at all greatly increases.

One great tool for determining longer tail keywords in a given Niche is the Google Adwords keyword Tool. You need to create a Google Adwords Account to use this tool however you do not have to actually pay any money into Adwords to use it. If for example you are targeting accountants type in the word accountant into the keyword suggestion tool. Google will then give you examples of keywords that are similar to the word accountant based on search volume. Once you decide on which keyword you will be targeting please ensure that you use it consistently across your profile.

View Multiple Profiles

Sending cold messages to potential clients in LinkedIn can be effective but can also come off as a bit desperate. LinkedIn however has a system where you can often see individuals that have viewed your profile. You can use this to your advantage by simply viewing a huge amount of profiles of individuals that are in your target demographic. These individuals will then see that you viewed their profile and if they are interested in what they see they will come view your profile as well. At this point you will see that they viewed your profile and that they have an idea of who you are. With this knowledge, you can send LinkedIn emails only to people who have viewed your profile. This strategy will warm up the potential leads and give you a sense of who might be interested in your product or service before your original contact.