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local listing help Calacasas

Social Swagger can help your small business in Calabasas, California, make the most of your digital footprint by creating responsible local listings. Small companies that have local listings on multiple websites may earn up to 78% more money. In addition to national search providers such as Yelp and Facebook, we can get your business’s local listings on Calabasas online newspapers. Custom programs last for one year and are automatically renewed.

Reviews and Reputation

Our system will keep customer reviews organized. There is a link for customers to leave reviews that will be transferred to your chosen local listing sites, such as Yelp and Facebook. It will also help you respond to bad reviews, which is critical to your business’s success. Taking the time to answer bad reviews shows customers that you genuinely care. This is a great way to monitor customer reviews if you have more than one location. Social Swagger will email you when a new review is submitted. Our program can help your business build trust, authority, and strong relationships with customers. Better brand awareness will increase website traffic, which will increase sales. It can even help you search for and hire the right employees.


Social Swagger uses The SEO Network to improve a website’s authority and relevancy. It includes five targeted keywords. Business owners can build on the existing company website and connect with each other. A Live Link Data Report will show generated links, corresponding keywords, link locations, and relevancy scores. Try to think of your own localized keywords. Be creative, but not inappropriate. Avoid overly generalized keywords. Many people use a three-word phrase when looking for something specific on Google. Social Swagger can help you pick the right keywords through suggestions and revisions, if necessary. Results are typically seen within the first 30 days.

Snapshot Report

Our Snapshot Report pulls data from more than 70 directories. This will show your company’s number of listings, the accuracy of listings, and missing websites. Accurate local listings will set you apart from the competition and make it easier for customers to choose your company.

Social Media Marketing

Social Swagger gives you a platform to easily publish content on all social media pages. The Twitter lead generation tool will help you find local customers talking about your products and services. Geo-targeting is also very helpful in local listings. The Google Post section will; promote upcoming events, make special announcements, and present current promotions. Keep track of customer’s posts on all local listings.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is the best way to manage content on local listings. It can also make the necessary changes to your local listings. WordPress will help your keywords rank high in search engine optimization. To elevate Google rankings, WordPress will make your website workable on mobile devices.

For more information about our local listing services, please call 818-707-5507. You can also send a message on the contact page or a private email to [email protected] Social Swagger also offers a free report on your company’s digital footprint. While you are there, please consider subscribing to our newsletter.

local listing help Calacasas

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local listing help Calacasas

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