Marketing with Pinterest

Marketing an online business with Pinterest isn’t particularly difficult, but it might seem that way when you first sign up. Pinterest is a visual social network that is very good for clothing, furniture and similar industries. But, what if you offer a service or do B2B marketing? The truth is that it doesn’t matter what industry your online business belongs to, you can still drive leads and traffic from Pinterest to your website. Follow these simple tips to get a huge boost in traffic.


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Add Pinterest Badge to Website
Start by adding the Pinterest badge to your website. People love pinning up images, and they do it more often when it is easy. Adding a badge to your website makes it much easier for people to add your images to their board, which will give your images and your website more exposure.

You are effectively turning your guests into a personal marketing army, and this can really boost your traffic.

Don’t Just Pin Yourself
Pinterest is against spam, and many of the users embrace this stance. Businesses that only post their own images aren’t taken to very kindly, and they often don’t get many pins or followers.

To break this curse, don’t be afraid to post up pins that have nothing to do with your business, or pins that promote another user’s board. Follow the 80/20 rule, or only promote your business 20% of the time, and you should do fine on Pinterest.

Add Images to Content
Most online businesses have content in the form of blogs or articles. To make the biggest impact with Pinterest, you need to add images to all of your content. Getting these images can be a little difficult if you make products or services that do not readily lend themselves to pictures, but there are a few things you can do to get images.

You can find good stock photos that work with your industry. You can also take pictures of happy customers, of someone working on your product or service (like an employee writing content if you have a content writing service), or just a picture of your team.

There are many photo opportunities, and you never know which ones can get good exposure. Adding images to your content improves the number of pins you get, and it will lead people directly to your marketing content.

Infographics are huge right now. These are long images that use graphs, images and other visual tools to describe a case study or some type of information. These are kind of like presentations, but all of the slides are stacked on top of each other.

Businesspeople or anyone interested in your industry love infographics. They look sleek, and they are very informative. Make an infographic and post it on both your website and your Pinterest board. These images get a lot of exposure, and they will give you an expert status almost immediately. This leads to a boost in traffic.

If you have a hard time making or hiring someone to make an infographic, then you can make a data chart in a spreadsheet program. Data charts aren’t nearly as good, but they are still effective.

Pin Up eBook Covers
If your business has made a recent case study, report or ebook, then you should pin the cover on Pinterest. These show people exactly what kind of information they can get from your website, and a visually impressive cover can gain a lot of popularity. Not only that, but people who release ebooks are often considered experts in their industry, and people only like buying from experts.

It is usually best to have a professionally designed ebook cover, but you don’t specifically need one. If you are capable of making clean images that clearly detail the title of the ebook and what people will gain from reading it, then this can be good enough to gain extra traffic.

Guest Pin Gallery
Pinterest gives you the ability to make boards that are dedicated to other users. It might seem a little risky to open your account up to user-generated content, but it can really drive extra traffic to your online business.

Wait until you have a few customers that really like your website. Most businesses have at least one or two Pinterest members that pin up many of their images. Make a gallery dedicated to that person’s pins.

It shows that you pay attention to your customers, and this will garner a big response from people buying from you and the person making the pins. It also gives you an opportunity to get more pins under your belt, which can lead to more traffic.

Don’t worry if the user pins up images for other businesses. Just marketing your own business doesn’t work well on Pinterest because other users take this as spam. Displaying some other images will make you appear more open to users.

Run a Contest
This costs a little bit of money, but running a Pinterest contest is a great way to get extra pins and traffic. Setup a contest telling your followers to make images of them using your product or showing their results from your service. Say that the person that gets the most pins from their custom image will win the contest.

The prize doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Just make it s $100 gift card. A Visa or American Express gift card is often the best because this allows the user to buy whatever they want with the gift card.

If you have a good amount of followers, then this can really give you a marketing army for a very cheap price. Many people get hundreds or even thousands of extra pins for just $100, or however much the prize is. This also improves user participation, which is always great for business.

Pinterest is a great way to get leads and traffic. It is easy to create images, regardless of your industry, and you can really get a huge business boost by actively participating on Pinterest. Try it out, and you will see how powerful Pinterest can be.

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