How to Leverage Twitter to grow your Business

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It is an open secret that marketing, just like any other business concepts of companies, is fast shifting to the online social media platform. Today, companies are using social media forums such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to enhance their presence through search engine optimization applications. Twitter is emerging as one of the most popular social media sites, and there are several ways you can leverage it to your advantage to have a high ranking on search engines such as Google.

You should have a Plan:

Leveraging Twitter for businesses will not just entail a tweet here and there for the rest of the day. You need an elaborate plan of action that will involve brand elements, goals and messaging guidelines. It is also important to monitor all your engagements so that you know who talks to you regularly and who you should make more effort reach.

Ensure You are Part of the Conversation:

For your marketing campaign to be successful on Twitter, you should ensure that you are part of the online conversation. You can do this by scheduling sometime in the morning and in the evening to tell people something about your brand and hear what they have to say about it as well. Both good and negative feedback is necessary and will help in improving your product or service.

Follow Opinion Shapers :

Almost everyone is on Twitter, and they range from the ordinary man to the opinion shapers in the society. Such people include authors, keynote speakers, thought leaders, colleagues and so on. By following such people, you will get to know what everyone is talking about and what is important to them and their followers. You should also identify your loyal customers and competitors and see what they are talking about as well.

Twitter Content Should Add Value:

When you are trying to get people to recognize your brand, you should use content with some added value. In this regard, you may use links to short but informative blog posts, videos and so on. That way, people get to know more about your product and services and will have no problem sharing the most interesting content to tweet online. Twitter followers tend to follow interesting people, so if you share quality content, you will get more followers organically. You should also participate in Twitter conversations through comments, replies on blog posts and so on to add value to the ongoing discussions.

Position Yourself as an Expert:

People may have problems along the lines of what your product or service can solve and will voice their concerns on Twitter. Try to answer these questions and attend to the concerns while using the opportunity to explain how your product or service can help their situation. Within no time, people will be looking for you instead of the other way around while referring you to their loved ones who might need your assistance.

Maintain the Same Look and Feel of your Businesses Website:

Since you will be showcasing your brand on Twitter, it is important you keep the same feel and look of your primary website. It will not only make your brand recognizable but will also build consistency across all channels. The profile picture and header are two features of Twitter that will also be helpful in showing more of your brand. You can use your company logo, headshot or the product image to communicate to your loyal and potential clients as well. You should also not miss the opportunity to customize the background for the users who will click on your page in an attempt to know more about your brand. Most businesses have physical locations, and you should not hesitate to include that as well on your profile.

Use of Hashtags:

Hashtags drove conversations, and you should know how to come up with hashtags that will work for you and not against you on Twitter. Hashtags will mostly work when it comes to customer support or service. When you click on a particular hashtag, all the tweets that talked about it will come up, and your will have a range of sentiments about your businesses.The hashtags concept is essential in link building; thus, it is a valuable search engine optimization strategy.

Connect with the Media and Bloggers:

You should also be on the lookout for bloggers and media personalities to reach a wider audience. Do not be shy of following them as they are likely to follow you back. As such, when you launch something new or have something important to share they will pick it up quickly and share it with their audiences. Such people tend to have many other contacts that could be helpful to you as well in having your business, websites or products to have an edge in search engine optimization ranking.


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