How To Leverage LinkedIn To Grow Your Business In 2016


As a business owner, attracting and making new clients must be one of your top priorities in 2016. You have probably come up with new marketing strategies, or decided to continue using the old ones, but whatever the case, you need to learn how you can leverage LinkedIn to help you take your business to the next level. At the end of the year 2015, 95 percent of companies were using the B2B content. 63 percent of these marketers said that LinkedIn was efficient compared to only 30 percent and 55 percent who were for Facebook and Twitter respectively.

According to Jobvite, LinkedIn has remained to be the top social media recruiting tool with 87 percent of recruiters compared to 55 percent of the Facebook users. Joining LinkedIn is not enough because you require a bit of a strategy so that you reach a significant number of audiences and convert them into leads. To help you achieve that, here are some of the enterprising tips that you can use:

Ensure your profile is 100 percent complete

Statistics show that LinkedIn members who have full profiles receive 46 percent more profile page views than those without or with incomplete ones. With a full profile, potential clients, industry partners and even your employees can contact you quickly. Use relevant keywords that convey what you do clearly, add any awards that you have won and were in line with your business, as well as any testimonials. Remember that the content you post on your account should be in the first person, void of jargon and quite engaging. Finally, ensure that you include a professional photo to increase your credibility. Secure your website and add Linkeind

Build your LinkedIn connections

Your online business requires you to stay connected with others. Focus on connecting with potential clients and most importantly other professionals. These professionals could be other business owners, referral sources or even strategic partners. However, to get useful connections, you must render sure that you also add value to them. When looking for connections, try to target the highly targeted ones, including specific industries and companies that are likely to purchase your products.

Get recommendations from clients

Recommendations can help you win the hearts of potential customers into buying your products or services. The people who visit your profile will most likely want to see if you have any endorsements. The presence or absence of testimonials determines the kind of image those people develop about your brand. Recommendations enhance your professional credibility, and hence the need to request your happy clients to provide testimonials on your LinkedIn. Before you ask the willing customers to endorse you, add in the top skills you want them to recommend you for, arranging them in descending order.

Join an alumni group

An alumni group helps you to reconnect with people who know you better and are willing to assist you in growing your business. The high chances are that such people would be prepared to buy your products or services or, at least, introduce you to others that might do so. The most important thing is that even if they don’t buy whatever you are selling, they give you an opportunity to make new connections.

Share entertaining and useful content

Clients are human beings and get bored easily. Sometimes it’s good to offer them fun and informative content that is related to your business. These may be in the form of blog posts, videos or even articles. This way your readers can learn more about you, and acquire useful knowledge that they probably didn’t have about your products.

Join several LinkedIn groups

You can join as many groups as you want on LinkedIn, but a few of them, say like 10 are quite manageable. Of course, you need to go for those that are in the league of your business so that your discussions will involve only like-minded people. Make sure that you stay active in these groups by sharing and commenting regularly. You will not be surprised to find yourself making new connections because potential clients effortlessly find you through such groups.

Make use of the post feature

The LinkedIn post which is almost similar to a blog post allows you to notify your connections automatically that you have posted something new. Most of your readers, therefore, get a chance to like your posts, share them or even leave a comment. You can easily make a follow up to whoever leaves a comment with a thank you text. Most importantly, this feature allows you to know the number of views, comments and likes your published post has garnered. Visit my Profile : MRC SEO Consulting