Decentralized Domain Name System

Topics of Discussion:

  • What is decentralized DNS
  • The reason for the decentralization of DNS
  • The Future of Decentralizing DNS 
  • Benefits of a distributed decentralized domain name service

What is Decentralized DNS?

If the Internet is an animal, then the Domain Name System (DNS) is the heart of the animal.  The functionality of websites, mail servers, VoiP telephone, and other services, all depend on DNS.  Over the years, DNS functionalities have expanded to increase the complexity of its infrastructure, but many problems have develolped along with these improvements.  Blockchain technology is a essential to the evolution of DNS, bringing users several new advantages and functionalities.

The Reasons for the Decentralization of DNS

To access the Internet currently, you simply type in the name of the website that you want to visit into your Internet browser.  For example,  When you click Enter or Search, a request is sent to a network of computers known as the domain system (DNS).  Each website on the Internet has an address on the server, which is a string of numbers, known as the IP address.  An IP address might look something like this:  Your browser will locate the website you are searching for via the DNS using this IP address.

The Reason for and the Future of Decentralized DNS

Obviously, those who control the centralized Internet (ICANN) also control what you can see, what you can’t see, what is allowed, and what is not allowed.  The decentralized Internet flips all of this on its ‘head’.  Whereas the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) oversees the allocation of top-level domains (.com, .org, .net, .us, .gov, .ca, .ph, etc.), a decentralized Internet offers a hierarchical global network where DNS root sites at the top of the hierarchy, specifically created to have resistance to sybil attacks.

So, are we moving into an era of decentralized DNS registry?  Yes!  The trend is already well underway.  Blockchain is the future and is reinventing the process of domain name registration on the Internet.  Indeed, we are all still in the early stages of an obvious paradigm shift as Web 3.0 is upon us!  But why this paradigm shift?

First, and foremost, the current Internet structure can be blamed for the emergence of the decentralized Internet.  Over the last decade, Internet censorship has become rampant, and this censorship has only begun to  accelerate in the last few years!  It’s not just conservatives and Christians who are being censored for their political/religious/worldviews either!  Everyday Americans and people throughout the world are finding that their free speech is being stifled by the Big Tech oligarchs.

Another issue is freedom to access information.  While the notion that Big Tech companies would manipulate search algorithms to influence the results that their users find would have sounded like a conspiracy theory just a couple of years ago, we now have undeniable proof that this is happening on a massive scale all the time!  The problem is that most of the data on the Internet is resting on servers in physical locations, which are owned and controlled by centralized authorities with agendas.

There are scores of other issues as well, including surveillance, data harvesting, cyber attacks and more!  There are other reasons why we are fastly moving into a decentralized Internet, but the fact is that we are well on our way to Web 3.0!  

The Benefits of a Distributed Decentralized Domain Name Service

Hashtag Space presents a distributed domain name system via MetaGate to replace the current top-level DNS system and certificate authorities.  The benefits are numerous:

  • Increased scalability
  • Security 
  • Robustness
  • Privacy
  • No censorship
  • No DNS spoofing

Unlike other DNS replacement solutions, is reverse compatible with DNS and allows for incremental implementation within the current system.

The bottom line is simple.  We do not want to have a centralized Web where centralized authorities with agendas make determinations for us about what we can and cannot access on the Internet.  Additionally, the centralized Internet is vulnerable to hacking, but the decentralized Web is not.  We create a decentralized DNS root using blockchain.  This protocol is unique because it has no concept of subdomains or namespacing at the consensus layer.

To access our network and to begin using the decentralized Web, all you need to do is install our MetaGate software suite, which can be downloaded from this site:  Then, you can register your own hashtag #domain at or  You’ll have your own crypto wallet,  and you can browse the dark web, advertise your services, and much, much more!  You may also contact the CEO of Hashtag.Space, Robert Bibb: 1.304.933.1944

Decentralized Domain Name System