5 Social Media Platforms You Need to Be Using

If you are a small business and you are trying to get your business website or blog out there on the internet and get found then getting as many authoritative links is what you need. One the easist ways to get great links is setting up social media profiles. Most people automatically think of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Company pages, maybe Pintrest. There are hundreds more out there that are completely awesome for that purpose. Here are the top 10:


  1. aboutme-logoAbout.me – this website allows you to post all the information about you…or in this case about your company, From a description to images and links to all your other web properties like Facebook, Twitter ect . Have a look how i set mine up: MRC SEO Consulting  , notice i have a full description, all my pictures and links to my other sites.
  2. flavorsloogFLAVORS.ME – very simmilar idea as About.me . Again setup all your company information and fill it out completly.
  3. AudioBoom_LogoAudio Boom – Audio boom is audio sharing site that allows you to share all you company information, see ours here  , i use the audio from a you-tube video to upload and then add all the info. it is a great source for a link.
  4. download (1)DIIGO – Diigo is a bookmarking service allowing you to markup your favorite links but it is also a great source of links as you can fill in the profile to get a great link. Same as the others fill in your other properties to get all of you other properties interlinked. Here is MRC SEO consulting 
  5. bloggericonBlogger- this is owned by google and that alone is one the best reasons to signup! Fill in your profile complete – Here is our as an example: http://calgaryseocompany.blogspot.ca/